Iowans need to check measuring stick at polls – Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor

On Memorial Day I had the honor of attending the ceremony at the Keokuk National Cemetery. It was a beautiful day,  the sun was out and a breeze rippled the flags as they stood at attention at the graves of those who gave all.  The American Legion presented the colors and everyone stood with hats in hand.

This scene of unity and respect for the fallen was reiterated by Mayor Kathie Mahoney when she said a few words and Representative Christine Bohannon who also spoke of remembrance.

As speakers listed off the fallen from Iowa and around the country, I had tears come to my eyes and hope for the future.  Maybe we all need reminders that our Veterans gave their lives for our freedoms, not a country divided.  

Unity means transparency, truth and working together without the influence of special interests.  I know this is achievable in Iowa. I can work with others when the agendas are clear.  We cannot allow our government to be for a select few.  It needs to work for all.  All incomes, all genders, all races and most importantly for those who need a hand up.   As the famous quote by Ghandhi states “the true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members”, we need to check our measuring stick in Iowa at the polls.

Choose to move Iowa in a direction that works for families, educators, and labor by voting for transparency, truth and a state that is united.

Rebecca Bowker
Candidate Iowa House District 100

4 thoughts on “Iowans need to check measuring stick at polls – Letter to the Editor

  1. I think most of us will be checking our gas gauges and food bills in Iowa and thru out the country at the polls.

  2. Most of us that are educated on the issues facing the country today will be blaming Vladimir Putin for the high gas prices we are seeing today.

  3. The implication being, therefore, that those of us who know that gas prices spiked long before the Ukraine war are uneducated? Talk to any energy industry analyst, and they will tell you there is an abundance of oil and natural gas in this country, not only for our needs, but sufficient to export to those countries experiencing shortages. Which is exactly the position we were in a year and a half ago. We didn’t suddenly run out of those resources. The issue is one based primarily on production incentives and transportation, aka pipelines. And when you have an entire federal government bureaucracy hell bent on ending fossil fuels production via onerous and burdensome regulations, the oil and gas industry will understandably decide not to play along. It’s simple economics, something even those of us who are uneducated can understand.

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