Councilman wants feedback on nuisance policies

Unsanctioned meeting set for June 9 at City Hall


FORT MADISON – Fort Madison City Councilman Tom Schulz is taking steps to gather public input on city nuisance issues and he’s opening the doors of City Hall to get it done.

“There has been a lot of comment and some disinformation on social media and other forums with regard to the City of Fort Madison’s nuisance ordinance and the app used to track this and other things,” Schulz wrote in an announcement email to Pen City Current.

“I am giving residents an opportunity to meet with me and voice their support or opposition to these programs and offer any suggestions they may have.”

Schulz said the meeting is to be informal and he will conduct the meeting. There will not be a quorum of council at the meeting and no agenda is being provided as the format will be an open dialogue focusing solely on the nuisance polices and the application that can be used to report nuisance issues in the city.

Schulz also said he will accept written comments as well. Comments can be emailed to Schulz at

The meeting is set for June 9th at 5:30 p.m. in Fort Madison City Council Chambers at 811 Avenue E.

The meeting is not sanctioned by the City Council.

1 thought on “Councilman wants feedback on nuisance policies

  1. I think everybody’s feedback was the same,the middle finger.
    these city ordinances don’t hold up to state and federal law so fight it people and vote the mayor and council out.

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