Amandus points out differences from opponent


Dear Editor,

These last 10 months actively campaigning for the Lee County Board of Supervisors I have learned so much from so many people.  While going door to door I met some of the nicest, warmest, and friendly folks in our community.  These people shared with me their concerns not only about the county but also the country!  I have learned a lot about what is on the minds of Lee County voters and I’m grateful for this experience as it will prepare me to take your concerns to the board.

There are a lot of differences between my opponent and myself, taking the time to listen to voters is a lot different than just name calling and slogan slapping.  I am someone who does have a lot of enthusiasm and I just plain get things done, I don’t just talk it to death.  While each of us has our own political views you’re entitled to know mine.  I’m concerned about people and their welfare, the health and safety of the people who live here, the work and recreation opportunities our citizens need.  I’m pretty down to earth and open to others opinions because that’s the way we learn.

I truly hope you’ll take the time to vote on Tuesday, November 8th.  I would appreciate your vote and my promise is I will always find time to listen to your concerns and when you have problems you need help with, I’ll be there for you.


Donna Amandus
Lee County Board of Supervisor Candidate

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