Candidate says many issues facing voters


Dear Editor

The voters have a big decision to make this year!

Iowa is faced with choosing between fear mongering and misinformation or choosing the candidates that respect the voters enough to not use these these schemes. I have chosen to run my campaign solely on the issues that are important to Southeast Iowa. 

Voting rights have been reduced significantly over the last several years. The amount of time to vote early has been cut in half and restrictions on casting your ballot by mail have hampered the ability to vote.   Do we want to see this basic democratic right continue to be stripped away?

Public education has not been funded at a rate that will allow our schools to recruit and retain educators. The last legislative session demonstrated the lack of respect for our teachers by wanting to place cameras in classrooms, penalizing librarians and publishing curriculum.  Public education provides for all students, of all abilities and needs to be respected and funded.   

Private schools provide a valuable asset to every community. It gives parents a choice and I sincerely hope private schools continue to provide that choice to parents.  

A woman needs to have the ability to make critical health care decisions about her own body.  These decisions should be between her, her doctor, her partner and her faith.  It is not the right of the governmental bodies to take those decisions away.

The Iowa Utility Board, who has authority to grant eminent domain to private companies, was appointed by Governor Reynold’s and Brandstad. Carbon capture pipelines have donated thousands of dollars to republican campaigns.  We need to ensure that we protect the rights and interests of landowners.

I want to see an Iowa that can reach across the aisle and work to restore us to our Iowa rightful place of being first in the nation in education. I want to see an Iowa that younger generations want to come home to because we have retained their right to their own bodies and believe in equal rights for all people regardless of color, sexual orientation or belief systems.  I want to see an Iowa make forward progress on rural health care initiative to keep our families healthy.

Please make sure you vote on November 8th.

Rebecca Bowker

Candidate for HD 100

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