Councilwoman wants logical look at Ave. E parking - Letter to the Editor



Let’s take a logical look at the Avenue E south side parking solution.

We can all agree that public safety is the number one priority.  A couple of residents have indicated that they have concerns for children crossing the street to get to the daycare that resides in the 1000 block of Avenue E.  I agree, it is safer for there to be fewer cars so visibility is better when crossing the street. By eliminating parking on the south side, those crossing have the advantage of being able to see going to and from their destination. By installing Children Crossing signs and painting bright crosswalks at intersections we can make it much safer than it is now at minimal cost.  

St John’s Church also has concerns. They do a wonderful service by providing end of the month meals. That is commendable. By moving the handicap accessible parking to 10th street and a designated drop-off and pick-up point in front, this will accommodate temporary covid changes and funerals.   By the way, without including Avenue E, were you aware there are over 75 parking spaces around Central Park?  

Old Settlers Association is another great organization in our community. They are responsible for organizing numerous safe events for families to enjoy.I can appreciate the concerns ofeliminating the (approximate) ten parking spots from Avenue E.This may pose an imposition for some people attending those events. But I also know the safety that the added visibility brings to the 4thstreet intersection may provide comfort knowing there will be fewer accidents.

Some have brought up that Avenue E will become a speedway in the same breath they say it already is a speedway.The Police Chief has the numbers, yes there speeders, there always will be, but not as many as we think.Enforcement is the solution to this issue. Roads in our communitythat allow the Fire Department to safely navigateis also a bonus.Do we want response to be slowed because the roads are so compacted that it is difficult to navigate?

It is contradictory to support the Police Department and yet openly dismiss the recommendations of the Chief of Police. Chief Mark has brought a logical, rational approach to this issue and should be commended for his work towards improving public safety in our community.

I recognize change is difficult. It takes vision to see a new approach to doing business and it takes courage to commit to a cause for the greater good. 

Rebecca Bowker

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