County impacted by Des Moines telecom outage

County buildings including sheriff's office, LeeComm have no landline service


LEE COUNTY – A statewide telecommunications outage has county officials unable to take 911 calls on landlines, however cellphone usage is still functional.
According to a copyright article in the Des Moines Register, the outage has impacted Internet usage and services to hospitals and other public buildings have been interrupted around the state including LeeComm, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, and Lee County office buildings.
Provider Lumen Technologies, which also operates CenturyLink, had an internal water main break at its facility in Des Moines, which has "diminished" its electrical capacity, according to Polk County Emergency Management Agency. Lumen is working to bring in additional generators but the restoration timeline is unknown, according to officials from Polk County.
Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber said landlines are down at the office, but cellphone calls to LeeComm and his office are still functioning.
The Iowa Communications Network confirmed the outage at about 9:40 a.m. Thursday morning.
“Early Thursday morning, a vendor’s downtown Des Moines facility suffered a broken water pipe. According to the vendor, 'Water from the pipe leaked through to the basement and collected in the risers, which then collapsed. Teams were unable to use the on-site generators because they were routed through the collapsed risers. In order to preserve the equipment, Field Operations have had to power down at varying times as the issue remains ongoing.'.”
If your services are impacted, contact the ICN Servicedesk at 515-725-4400, email the icnservicedesk@iowa.gov, or login to the ICN ServiceNow Portal.

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