Former councilman supports Schulz for supervisor


Dear Editor:

The last couple of years have been very tiring on all of us, that being said its time to start voting with our heads and not our emotions.   One important election on the ballot is our next county supervisor.  I am giving my support as a former business owner and city councilman in Fort Madison to Tom Schulz.  I have gotten to know Tom over the years and I believe he is the common-sense choice in this election.  I believe Tom has integrity, the will power and the experience to deal with tight budgets, economic growth, crime, and will take a rational approach to issues.  If you want more out of control spending and higher taxes, well I’d have to say vote the other way.  But if you want simple government and someone that will work to improve government waste and try to lower taxes while being business friendly then I’d have to say Tom Schulz would be your best choice for county supervisor this November.

Jason Huppert   


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