Freshmen pulling weight as FM takes title at Liberty duals



ST. CHARLES, Mo. - Three freshman medaled at Saturday's Liberty Invitational Duals to help lead the Bloodhounds to the tournament title.

The Bloodhounds went 4-1 on the day in St. Charles with their only loss coming on a 39-36 tough match with Camdenton (Mo.) in the championship bracket.

Fort Madison came back and beat previously unbeaten Liberty High School (Wentzville) to win the title at Francis Howell Central High School.

Freshman Henry Wiseman, wrestling at 106 lbs took a gold medal going 5-0 on the day recording three pinfalls with one in just :18 seconds over Camdenton's Vincent Bollinger. Wiseman also recorded pins in the Liberty dual and Marquette match. He won the other two by forfeit.

Freshman Teague Smith earned a silver medal at 152 scoring four pins in five wrestled matches on the day. His only loss was a 14-2 major decision to Francis Howell's Aiden Hernandez who took 5th place in Class 4 of the Missouri High School Championships in February.

Senior Owen Kruse also earned a silver medal with three pins and a 10-5 win over Camdenton's Cooper Rhodenizer at 132. Junior Gavin Wiseman, wrestling at 145, never wrestled a match into the 2nd period the whole day. Wiseman recorded three pins, one a match by forfeit and suffered a fall in the Marquette dual for his only loss of the day.

Freshman Isaac Thacher at 170 lbs went 4-1 for a silver medal. Thacher had a tight battle with Camdenton's Oliver Fensterman of Liberty and came out with a 6-5 decision. Thacher recorded two pins and won a fourth by forfeit. His only loss was a first-round fall in the Francis Howell dual.

Austin Miller also won a silver medal going 1-1 in matches including a 1:07 fall over Jackson Bushman of Liberty, while getting three wins by forfeit.

Emmett Kruse (113), Matthew Steffensmeier (120), Brock Califf (132), Mason Schau (160), and Austin Ensminger (182) each had three wins on the day.

The Hounds travel to Mt. Pleasant on Thursday for a tangle with the Panthers and Mid-Prairie. Fort Madison then hosts the annual Fort Madison Invitational, a one-day tourney this year featuring 16 teams, on Saturday.

Complete results from Saturday's action are below:

Fort Madison (FOMA) 51.0 Liberty (Wentzville) (LIBERTYW) 30.0
106: Henry Wiseman (FOMA) over Nicos Cadice (LIBERTYW) (Fall 0:50) 113: Emmett Kruse (FOMA) over Brendan Kelly (LIBERTYW) (Fall 4:53) 120: Aidan Kelly (LIBERTYW) over Matthew Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Fall 1:23) 126: Owen Kruse (FOMA) over Lukas Aubuchon (LIBERTYW) (Fall 3:03) 132: Brock Califf (FOMA) over (LIBERTYW) (For.) 138: Austin Miller (FOMA) over Jackson Bushman (LIBERTYW) (Fall 1:07) 145: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over (LIBERTYW) (For.) 152: Teague Smith (FOMA) over Lennox Pearigen (LIBERTYW) (Fall 0:56) 160: Wyatt Haynes (LIBERTYW) over Mason Schau (FOMA) (Fall 1:17) 170: Isaac Thacher (FOMA) over Oliver Fensterman (LIBERTYW) (Dec 6-5) 182: Austin Ensminger (FOMA) over Cole Wolfe (LIBERTYW) (Fall 1:49) 195: jackson Ward (LIBERTYW) over Daniel Sokolik (FOMA) (Fall 1:39) 220: Matthew Craig (LIBERTYW) over Nathan Leasch (FOMA) (Fall 0:39) 285: Kimball Lowe (LIBERTYW) over (FOMA) (For.)

Camdenton (CAMDENTN) 39.0 Fort Madison (FOMA) 36.0
106: Henry Wiseman (FOMA) over Vincent Bollinger (CAMDENTN) (Fall 0:18) 113: Kaden Stivers (CAMDENTN) over Emmett Kruse (FOMA) (Dec 10-7) 120: Matthew Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Wesley Layhay (CAMDENTN) (Dec 11-5) 126: Owen Kruse (FOMA) over Cooper Rhodenizer (CAMDENTN) (Dec 10-5) 132: Aidan Neal (CAMDENTN) over Brock Califf (FOMA) (Fall 0:55) 138: Grant Garrett (CAMDENTN) over Austin Miller (FOMA) (Fall 2:49) 145: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over Adrian Kline (CAMDENTN) (Fall 1:14) 152: Teague Smith (FOMA) over Cale Bentley (CAMDENTN) (Fall 1:17) 160: Mason Schau (FOMA) over (CAMDENTN) (For.) 170: Isaac Thacher (FOMA) over Garrett Stark (CAMDENTN) (Fall 3:25) 182: Kaiden Davis (CAMDENTN) over Austin Ensminger (FOMA) (Fall 4:32) 195: Dane Lapine (CAMDENTN) over Daniel Sokolik (FOMA) (Fall 0:29) 220: Reberto Montez (CAMDENTN) over Nathan Leasch (FOMA) (Fall 0:55) 285: Dakota Davis (CAMDENTN) over (FOMA) (For.)

Fort Madison (FOMA) 42.0 Marquette (MARQUET) 40.0
120: Matthew Steffensmeier (FOMA) over Jake Lee (MARQUET) (Fall 0:46) 126: Owen Kruse (FOMA) over Guru Bazawada (MARQUET) (Fall 0:39) 132: Tommy McBride (MARQUET) over Brock Califf (FOMA) (Fall 4:47) 138: Austin Miller (FOMA) over (MARQUET) (For.) 145: Alex Nicozisin (MARQUET) over Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) (Fall 1:02) 152: Teague Smith (FOMA) over Nick Keim (MARQUET) (Fall 3:15) 160: Aidan Rudman (MARQUET) over Mason Schau (FOMA) (MD 13-2) 170: Isaac Thacher (FOMA) over Sam Stremlau (MARQUET) (Fall 1:07) 182: Daniel Sokolik (FOMA) over (MARQUET) (For.) 195: Justin Zerweck (MARQUET) over Austin Ensminger (FOMA) (Fall 5:06) 220: Alex Bray (MARQUET) over Nathan Leasch (FOMA) (Fall 0:40) 285: Elijah Beiner (MARQUET) over (FOMA) (For.) 106: Henry Wiseman (FOMA) over Gavin Lingafelter (MARQUET) (Fall 2:44) 113: Brody Rudman (MARQUET) over Emmett Kruse (FOMA) (Fall 0:54)

Fort Madison (FOMA) 49.0 Francis Howell Central (FRANCISC) 28.0
106: Henry Wiseman (FOMA) over (FRANCISC) (For.) 113: Emmett Kruse (FOMA) over Luke Mallon (FRANCISC) (Dec 5-3) 120: Peyton Shepard (FRANCISC) over Matthew Steffensmeier (FOMA) (Fall 1:11) 126: David Cross (FRANCISC) over Owen Kruse (FOMA) (Fall 1:05) 132: Brock Califf (FOMA) over Matt Godier (FRANCISC) (Fall 0:49) 138: Austin Miller (FOMA) over (FRANCISC) (For.) 145: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over Ian Hedgecorth (FRANCISC) (Fall 1:33) 152: Aidan Hernandez (FRANCISC) over Teague Smith (FOMA) (MD 14-2) 160: Mason Schau (FOMA) over Hunter Smith (FRANCISC) (MD 10-0) 170: Kaden Hart (FRANCISC) over Isaac Thacher (FOMA) (Fall 1:07) 182: Austin Ensminger (FOMA) over Alex Vogel (FRANCISC) (Fall 1:59) 195: Daniel Sokolik (FOMA) over (FRANCISC) (For.) 220: Nathan Leasch (FOMA) over (FRANCISC) (For.) 285: Hasan Itayem (FRANCISC) over (FOMA) (For.)

Fort Madison (FOMA) 72.0 St. Charles (STCHAS) 12.0

106: Henry Wiseman (FOMA) over (STCHAS) (For.) 113: Emmett Kruse (FOMA) over (STCHAS) (For.) 120: Matthew Steffensmeier (FOMA) over (STCHAS) (For.) 126: Owen Kruse (FOMA) over David Thorne (STCHAS) (Fall 2:22) 132: Brock Califf (FOMA) over Alec Weil (STCHAS) (Fall 0:20) 138: Austin Miller (FOMA) over (STCHAS) (For.) 145: Gavin Wiseman (FOMA) over Logan Underwood (STCHAS) (Fall 0:37) 152: Teague Smith (FOMA) over Yidenpen Bayili (STCHAS) (Fall 2:54) 160: Mason Schau (FOMA) over Kofi MBroh (STCHAS) (Fall 0:48) 170: Isaac Thacher (FOMA) over (STCHAS) (For.) 182: Austin Ensminger (FOMA) over (STCHAS) (For.) 195: Trey Ward (STCHAS) over Levi Lowney (FOMA) (Fall 0:38) 220: Nathan Leasch (FOMA) over (STCHAS) (For.) 285: Jayden Wilson (STCHAS) over (FOMA) (For.)

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