Reader says polling place wasn't ready


Dear Editor:

This morning I did my part by voting in our mid-term elections. And to say I was upset by the process would be an understatement. The City Hall location was set to open at 7 a.m.. A handful of people were lined up at the door waiting for it to open. A few minutes after 7 a.m. someone opened the door and we all filed in to a polling location that was not set up and ready for voting. More than one person walked out without voting at all (who knows if they came back or will come back later.

The volunteers could not access the computer to scan IDs, they were unclear on the processes (i.e who and where to sign, who initials the forms, etc.). There were no visible signs or information for anyone who may have needed accommodations for voting, and the curbside voting sign was sitting right by the entrance when I walked in and when I walked out nearly 30 minutes later.

Why weren't these frazzled volunteers set up for success at this polling location? I don't care if they've volunteered 100 times or this was their first time, they should have had ample instruction on every aspect of set-up and processing. This was a disservice to them and to the voters.

Do better Fort Madison. For once, just do better.

Michelle Scott,
Fort Madison

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