Reader says reactions to LSU-Iowa antics are racist


I'm not a basketball fan or a Hawkeye fan or a sports fan in general. What I am is someone who does not play when it comes to racism and its inherent hypocrisy.

This weekend's play off game between Iowa & LSU was a hard fought battle between two talented teams and  two extremely talented college athletes. Yet, it has been overshadowed by avalanche of vitriol towards Angela  Reese for her "you can't see me" hand at Caitlin Clark.

What's ironic is that the barrage of words like classless, unprofessional, ghetto, and worse thrown at Reese is  due to utilizing a gesture that Caitlin Clark pulled previously in a game against Louisville. Clark's "you can't  seem me" was celebrated by fans and John Cena. Yet, here we are, tearing down a strong, Black woman for  doing the same.

I think it's time the white people of Iowa, and those lock-stepping with them, start looking hard and deep into why reactions towards white athletes and black athletes is almost always the polar opposite. If you don't see the inherent racism, then you're choosing not to.

Michelle Scott,
Fort Madison

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  • darin_r

    The situation had nothing to do with racism, and I certainly didn't see it as racist. What bothers me is typically the first people to comment are the ones who see color first, as well. Angel Reese could have used this opportunity to rise above and be a better example, however, she chose to taunt a player on the losing team. I feel she totally deserves the criticism.

    Tuesday, April 4, 2023 Report this