McGowan 4th at Keen Invitational tourney


Wiseman takes 7th place in loaded 160 lb. gold bracket


INDEPENDENCE - Fort Madison's Jakob McGowan battled back from a first round loss in the 182 lb. gold bracket to get the best finish for the Bloodhounds for the weekend's Cliff Keen Invitational wrestling tournament in Independence, Iowa.

McGowan, who advanced to the gold bracket after three straight wins in Friday placement matches, lost by pin to No. 2 ranked Des Moines Lincoln's Mickey Griffith in just :57, but shook off the loss to win his next two and advance to a shot for 3rd place against Max Kohl of Lisbon.

McGowan and Kohl battled throughout the first period, but the Lisbon senior scored a takedown with just four second left for a 2-0 lead after 1. McGowan scored an escape to start the 2nd period but was then warned for stalling and then surrendered a takedown six seconds later. About 40 seconds later, McGowan was hit with a 1-point stalling penalty to give Kohl a 5-1 lead at the end of the 2nd period.


A Kohl reversal half way through the third period set the final score at 7-1, giving McGowan the 4th place finish wrestling through the back side of the bracket.

Senior Gavin Wiseman had the next best finish at 7th place at 160 lbs. Wiseman got two byes and then pinned Nathan Black of Greene County at 1:53 to get to the gold bracket on Saturday.

Class 2A No. 2 Nicholas Fox (5-0) of Osage sent Wiseman to the back side of the gold bracket with a 2nd period pin. Fox was seeded No. 1 in the bracket and Wiseman came as the No. 8 seed. Wiseman then went up against Class 2A No. 12 ranked Sam West of Burlington Notre Dame.

Wiseman scored a takedown early but West got out of it and rolled a reversal to tie things up at the end of the first period. West took the bottom spot to start round 2 and escaped with :30 left in the period and got a takedown just as time expired to take a 5-2 lead into the final period.

After a standing start in period 3, West would get another takedown halfway through the 3rd period to set the 7-2 decision. Wiseman would get a pin over Independence's Teegan McEnany 15 seconds into the second period to win the 7th place match.

Teague Smith lost the 9th place match at 170 in the silver bracket Saturday. Smith lost to Brock Ruzicka of Union LaPorte City in an 11-2 major decision in preliminary wrestling Friday to move into the silver bracket where he lost by fall to Waterloo East's Eli Sallis in the 1st period.

Smith won the first two matches in the silver bracket by pins.

At 195, Ike Thacher lost to Keegan Davis of Des Moines Roosevelt in the third round of Friday preliminaries to move to the Silver bracket. The sophomore moved through the bracket with two pins to get to the 9th place match where he lost by fall to Jahsiah Galvan of West Liberty in the first period. Galvan scored a takedown 40 seconds in and turned it to a 3-point near fall before getting the pin.

Other Hound wrestlers to place were Emmett Kruse at 126 (20th), Caleb Bolander at 138 (15th), Aidan Pennock at 152 (17th), and Cory Arnett at 285 (20th).

Complete results of the weekend tournament are listed below.

126: Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) - 20th
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) over Ricardo Rios (Waterloo East) (Fall 4:44)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Jaxon Roling (Dubuque Senior) over Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:16)
Varsity - Cons. Round 3 - Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) over Dakota Mobley (Greene County) (SV-1 4-2)
Varsity - Round 1 - Tyler Lee (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:40)
Varsity - Round 2 - Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Round 3 - Quincy Happel (Lisbon) over Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) (Fall 3:39)
Varsity - 19th Place Match - Nick Needham  (Fennimore) over Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) (Fall 3:58)
138: Caleb Bolander (Fort Madison) - 15th
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Will Emmons (Carlisle) over Caleb Bolander (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:54)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Ivan Martin (Maquoketa) over Caleb Bolander (Fort Madison) (Fall 2:56)
Varsity - Round 1 - Caleb Bolander (Fort Madison) over Burke Busta (NH/TV) (Dec 13-7)
Varsity - Round 2 - Carter Straw (Independence) over Caleb Bolander (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:26)
Varsity - Round 3 - Caleb Bolander (Fort Madison) over Sullivan Davis (Des Moines Roosevelt) (Fall 2:50)
Varsity - 15th Place Match - Caleb Bolander (Fort Madison) over Braeden  Ellis (North Fayette Valley) (M. For.)
152: Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) - 17th
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Tate Martin (Maquoketa) (Fall 1:25)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Talan Conrad (Independence) (For.)
Varsity - Round 1 - Drew Morgan (Christian Brothers College) over Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) (Fall 5:02)
Varsity - Round 2 - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Cyrus Mathes (South Tama County) (Dec 7-3)
Varsity - Round 3 - Brandon Harris (Algona) over Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:14)
Varsity - 17th Place Match - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Kael Meyers (NH/TV) (Dec 13-9)
160: Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) - 7th
Varsity - Quarterfinals - Nicholas Fox (Osage) over Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) (Fall 3:09)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Samuel  West (Notre Dame, Burlington) over Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) (Dec 7-2)
Varsity - Round 1 - Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Round 2 - Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Round 3 - Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) over Nathan Black (Greene County) (Fall 1:53)
Varsity - 7th Place Match - Gavin Wiseman (Fort Madison) over Teegan McEnany (Independence) (Fall 2:45)
182: Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) - 4th
Varsity - Quarterfinals - Mickey Griffith (Des Moines Lincoln) over Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) (Fall 0:57)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) over Ben Thines (Maquoketa) (Dec 8-3)
Varsity - Cons. Round 3 - Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) over Felipe Molina (West Liberty) (Dec 11-5)
Varsity - Round 1 - Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) over Aaron Mack (Dubuque Senior) (Fall 0:59)
Varsity - Round 2 - Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) over Luke  Schneider (Alburnett) (Fall 1:34)
Varsity - Round 3 - Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) over Justin Adams (Xavier, Cedar Rapids) (Fall 0:54)
Varsity - 3rd Place Match - Max Kohl (Lisbon) over Jakob McGowan (Fort Madison) (Dec 7-1)
285: Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) - 20th
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Cohen Pfohl (Dubuque Senior) over Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:20)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) over JJ Wright (Dubuque Senior) (MD 8-0)
Varsity - Cons. Round 3 - Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) over Cody Nielson (Algona) (Fall 2:52)
Varsity - Round 1 - Ivan Delgado (Des Moines Lincoln) over Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:08)
Varsity - Round 2 - Quintyn Rocha (West Liberty) over Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:57)
Varsity - Round 3 - Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) over Quentin Krogmann (Independence) (Dec 10-9)
Varsity - 19th Place Match - Aiden Kniffen (Notre Dame, Burlington) over Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) (Fall 4:43)
Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) - DNP
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Jacob Ingebritson (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows) (Fall 1:30)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Briar Mast (Union, LaPorte City) (Fall 1:15)
Varsity - Round 1 - Alex Bumba (Prairie, Cedar Rapids) over Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) (Dec 13-6)
Varsity - Round 2 - Darren Adams (Osage) over Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) (Fall 4:37)
Varsity - Round 3 - Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - 17th Place Match - Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Kyler Jessup (Solon) (Fall 1:10)
106: Tateum Schelich (Fort Madison) - DNP
Varsity - Tateum Schelich (Fort Madison) over Tyson Wheeler (Solon) (Fall 2:42)
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Tateum Schelich (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Tateum Schelich (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Round 1 - Cale Nash (Clear Creek-Amana) over Tateum Schelich (Fort Madison) (Fall 0:44)
Varsity - Round 2 - Aiden Serrano (Carlisle) over Tateum Schelich (Fort Madison) (Fall 0:17)
Varsity - Round 3 - Evan Burg (Solon) over Tateum Schelich (Fort Madison) (Fall 5:07)
170: Teague Smith (Fort Madison) - DNP
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Teague Smith (Fort Madison) over Jake Miller (Osage) (Fall 0:38)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Teague Smith (Fort Madison) over Jes Krcil (Carlisle) (Fall 5:29)
Varsity - Round 1 - Teague Smith (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Round 2 - Teague Smith (Fort Madison) over Thomas Hansen (Dubuque Senior) (Fall 1:02)
Varsity - Round 3 - Brock Ruzicka (Union, LaPorte City) over Teague Smith (Fort Madison) (MD 11-2)
Varsity - 9th Place Match - Eli Sallis (Waterloo East) over Teague Smith (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:23)
220: Daniel Sokolik (Fort Madison) - DNP
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Daniel Sokolik (Fort Madison) over Draysen  Henle (South Tama County) (Fall 3:13)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Jack Laughlin (Carlisle) over Daniel Sokolik (Fort Madison) (Dec 9-2)
Varsity - Cons. Round 3 - Cohen Reffer (Algona) over Daniel Sokolik (Fort Madison) (Fall 5:41)
Varsity - Round 1 - Daniel Sokolik (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Round 2 - Gavin Bridgewater (South Tama County) over Daniel Sokolik (Fort Madison) (Fall 4:13)
Varsity - Round 3 - Daniel Sokolik (Fort Madison) over Zach Utley (NH/TV) (Fall 3:03)
Varsity - 13th Place Match - Daniel Sokolik (Fort Madison) over Wyatt Miles (Fennimore) (Dec 8-2)
195: Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) - DNP
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) over Chase Roof (Algona) (Fall 2:41)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) over Michael McGriff (Des Moines Lincoln) (Fall 0:40)
Varsity - Round 1 - Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Round 2 - Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Round 3 - Keegan Davis (Des Moines Roosevelt) over Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:47)
Varsity - 9th Place Match - Jahsiah Galvan (West Liberty) over Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:26)
132: Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) - DNP
Varsity - Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) over Bryson Garcia (West Liberty) (Fall 2:38)
Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Bryson Garcia (West Liberty) over Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) (Fall 0:25)
Varsity - Cons. Round 2 - Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) received a bye
Varsity - Cons. Round 3 - Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) over Jaxson Holec (Des Moines Roosevelt) (Fall 1:52)
Varsity - Round 1 - Levi Livermore (Maquoketa) over Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) (Dec 11-6)
Varsity - Round 2 - Tate O?Shea (Notre Dame, Burlington) over Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:30)
Varsity - Round 3 - Noah Noland (Carlisle) over Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:58)

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