Nauvoo kicks off Wellness loop this weekend

Four mile loop gives walkers/runners a good glimpse of Nauvoo's nature.


NAUVOO - The Nauvoo Betterment Association (NBA) is kicking off their health and wellness recreation loop on the first weekend of November. 
This is a self-guided attraction that is part of NBA’s Natural Nauvoo initiative.  The Natural Nauvoo efforts will be ongoing for the next year to create points-of-interest for visitors under the categories of River, Trees, Birds, Wildflowers, and Animals.  NBA has embarked upon this project to promote Nauvoo’s many natural resources for tourism. 
NBA member Karen Ihrig-Gilbert opines, “ Nauvoo has long been a destination for their historical attractions; however, many don’t realize the amazing Natural attractions that Nauvoo has to offer.”  The new health and wellness loop is a component of work done by the River Committee for Natural Nauvoo.
The Health and Wellness Loop incorporates 1.8 miles of the Nauvoo State Park with 2.1 miles of the Historic District along Riverwalk.  This gives participants just shy of a 4-mile loop to enjoy  some of the most refreshing landscapes in Nauvoo.  It incorporates two bodies of water and ample exposure to Nauvoo’s trees, wildflowers, and animals.  NBA has been in existence for 16 years meeting monthly to do what their moniker implies….Bettering the Community of Nauvoo.  Examples of NBA endeavors  include the Annual Memorial Day picnic, fundraising for the newly completed Nauvoo Community Center, and creation of the Annual Scarecrow Event.  NBA has been working on substantial improvements lately to enhance the Riverwalk experience.  Many may have noticed the 3’x4’ River Critter Photo Gallery along the fence of the water treatment plant hung this year. Amazingly the exhibition withstood the derecho in June! They have been stored for the season, but more will be added to adorn the Riverwalk experience next year.   Also NBA is a partner with the City of Nauvoo, Community of Christ, and Church of the Latter Day Saints in paying for an ongoing landscaping service that makes sure the view of the Mighty Mississippi reigns supreme. 
The loop can be easily  accessed from downtown Nauvoo.  Take Page Street at Hotel Nauvoo down 2 blocks to Lake Horton.  Take a right along the Nauvoo State Park trail along Lake Horton.  The trail will wind around the Lake and take you to the levee.  The levee will house a “Pumpkin Gallery” of an assortment of 50 pumpkins repurposed from the Pumpkin Walk last Saturday.  NBA thanks Nauvoo Boy Scout Troop 56 for their efforts to transport the pumpkins to their new perch!  From the levee the Lakeview Trail opens to the State park where the loop crosses the highway at Munson street.  Take the sidewalk to Parley and take a right and walk to the entrance of Riverwalk itself.  Riverwalk finalizes at the Community of Christ Visitor’s Center.  The loop crosses back into Nauvoo State Park at Sidney Street where asphalt pathway winds by the playground and past the shelterhouse back to Lakeview Trail.  Take the path back past the pumpkin gallery around to Page street to finalize the loop in uptown Nauvoo.
This writer was able to complete the NBA Health and Wellness Loop in 45 minutes at a brisk walk.   Maps of the loop will be forthcoming on the City of Nauvoo website.  On opening weekend maps will be available at Page street/ Lake Horton and the Tourism Information kiosk on HWY 96.   Keep in mind the loop trail can be utilized for fitness or recreation and can be accessed at any point in the loop.  Families could pack a picnic lunch at the playground and take the trail uptown to Page street, then jump off the loop for a Fudge Factory visit!  Be aware that the shelterhouse public restrooms are closed November through April.  NBA had originally intended to publicize the Health and Wellness loop in July, when we have the most evidence of daily morning joggers in town.  The derecho on June 29th upended that cart in unceremonious fashion.  NBA thanks the Nauvoo State Park for their extra efforts to clear the Lakeview Trail so that the public still has a few months this year to take in the beauty of Natural Nauvoo along the Health and Wellness Trail.  If you have a particular interest in promoting the Trees, Birds, Animals, or River in Nauvoo join the committee group that will focus on  developing those avenues.  Contact Karen Ihrig-Gilbert at or Barb Schafer at or Carol Mcghghy at for more information regarding Natural Nauvoo committees.

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