Night and day difference in supervisor candidates.


Dear Editor;

We Lee County residents have some very important decisions to make on November 8th. One of which is voting for our new County Supervisor.
If you are a liberal minded person and believe in the current administrations over spending, raising taxes, anti business, anti fossil fuels and open borders then you need to vote for Donna Amandus. She is a Democrat that supports what this current administration is doing and in my opinion wants to bring those beliefs to Lee County. Now I don't say that lightly but rather because I have seen her in action on the Fort Madison City Council. I have seen her attempt to go against a local small business person right here from Fort Madison. Thankfully there was a well informed city employee and city council member that stood up and informed her that what she was demanding was against city code and city protocol.
Fortunately we have Tom Schulz who is running for Lee County Supervisor. Being in business myself for 35 years I can really appreciate another business person that takes the time to run for local office. Tom is a successful small business owner/operator and knows how to operate within budgets. He is a Veteran with an honerable discharge. Tom Shulz is also conservative minded, supports local small businesses and like most of Lee county residents he believes immagration laws should be inforced. He also believes in our second amendment right to lawfully bare arms. He has also said that bigger goverment is not better goverment!

Again, NIGHT AND DAY Difference.... If you're thinking that the above paragraph is closer to what Lee County needs to move in the right direction....then Tom Schulz is the person to help lead us there.

Todd Schneider,
Fort Madison

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