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Dear Editor

I was disappointed at the Lee County Supervisor District 2 forum on October 12th.  Tom Schultz, the Republican candidate, spoke extensively on Florida and national issues but tended to stray away from the questions at hand about Lee County. After the last few years of utter fear and the feeling of hopelessness, I am tired of listening to the fear mongering tactics instead of hearing what positive changes candidates intend to make.

Lee County has so many assets and great people in it, I think it was inappropriate that Tom focused on what he did in Florida rather than what he wants to do for Lee County. Bashing Lee County by implying that drug dealers are running rampant in the streets and our local law enforcement is not doing enough to keep us safe. Public safety is an important focus, but again focusing on the negative isn’t going to get us anywhere.

Ironically, he does agree with the democratic platform that wages are not keeping up with inflation. So perhaps he would actively lobby this issue in Des Moines to effectively raise the minimum wage. He also agreed that education in Iowa has not properly prepared students. Considering public education has been under republican control for the last 11 years, we agree it needs more funding to ensure competitive wages for our teachers and better outcomes for our students.

Tom referred to protecting personal property yet voted two times against property interests while on city council. Donna is honest about her beliefs and will let us know where she stands on issues.  She is willing to listen to everyone’s opinion and will do what is best for the whole county.

Tom pledged to make accurate reports to the Board. I sincerely hope that means also to the Iowa Ethics boards for campaign reporting. The next reports are due October 19th and Tom has not filed his reports for the last 2 reporting periods. Donna’s reports have been accurately filed on time for each reporting period and are available to the public.

Despite Iowa and Lee County facing a huge housing shortage, Tom believes that the housing issue will “fix itself” when more people move to the area for jobs. How are businesses and workers going to move to our county if we don’t have the housing to sustain them? I am glad to see Donna doesn’t share this shortsighted thinking and will partner with other entities to improve Lee County Housing by making Lee County attractive to potential population growth.

Tom said he wants to start apprenticeship programs for labor trades but doesn’t know that Southeast Iowa already has apprenticeships through the many labor unions that exist.  Unions provide great training opportunities and wages for our Lee County families to grow.   Donna is endorsed by Unions and believes strongly in protecting labor.  

Donna is clearly the better candidate for Lee County supervisor.  We do not need more divisiveness, misinformation, and empty promises. We need unification, clarity and bipartisan progress.  Elect Donna Amandus for Lee County Supervisor in District 2 on November 8th

With all sincerity,

Whittney Vigen,

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