Reception for Garrison Friday at FMAAA



FORT MADISON - Fort Madison Area Arts Association features a double play from David Garrison in the month of October.

A reception occurs for the show on Friday, Oct. 16from 5-7 p.m. The Kingsley Inn is the sponsor for the exhibition. Two styles of his painting medium are showcased. Conte crayon is an interesting textural medium with Native American subject matter that delivers with a frontier style.

The Capture of Blackhawk is a work that David did thehistoricalhomework for and will be of interest to historians that follow Blackhawk's impact in Ft. Madison history. The other half of the work exemplifies the color theory skills in value that David portrays with pastel and oil painting landscapes.

David is well-known in Ft. Madison as the mural painter on 600 block of Avenue G, depicting the history of the town.  Governor Brandsted came to the mural opening way back in the day, when FMAAA resided on that block. David Garrison is an internationally recognized Master with 50 years' experience as a professional artist who is a graduate from the prestigious American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois.

David has shown his work on three continents and his paintings appear in galleries and private collections throughout North America, Europe, Russia and China.  He is well respected in our region for his master level skill ability in painting, as well as teaching to others.  His ability to capture snow scenes is point-on spectacular.  David gives his views on the importance of “seeing” with a squint. 

“I believe that a painting is not just an illusion in two dimensions, but it is also a moment in life, captured on canvas. Painting is a language varying in mood and atmosphere that reflects the diversities of life itself. I enjoy the challenges of various subjects as much as possible; not only through those choices, but also through how I elect to portray those subjects.

Allowing the viewer to interpret and finish parts of the painting is more interesting than if the painting is totally spelled out for them. I want the viewer to see the use of the medium, the end of the brush stroke, the spontaneity, the freshness of a new painting. If I can give the viewer an impression of the atmosphere, a sense of light and deep shadows, if I can just open their eyes to the simple beauty around us, then I have accomplished a great deal.”

As the master artist views a subject with eyes half closed,the squint,they filter out all detail that’s distracting the main interest. This alters vision to give a sense of deep shadows and various values that’s needed to create a work of art.”

FMAAA is open Tues-Thur-Fri-Sat from 12-7pm at 825 Ave G.


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