Should Lee County give America Rescue Plan Act funding to the Marina project in Fort Madison?


LEE COUNTY - The Lee County Board of Supervisors will decide on Monday whether to give American Rescue Plan Act funding to the marina project in Fort Madison.
Fort Madison Mayor Matt Mohrfeld submitted an application to the ARPA board in November asking for $250,000. The donation is now being matched by a private investor who is asking for a county commitment in exchange for the grant. The funds combined would then be used to apply for a Destination Iowa Grant which could trigger $333,333 from the state. That $833,333 would all but finish off the marina's $12.7 million price tag including private and public investment.
However, the County is proposing to build a new Lee County Health Department/EMS building at a projected cost of $5 million to $5.4 million. Recent thoughts are to just build in the Health Department at a cost of $3.7 to $4 million. The county is currently paying $7,500/mo. to the Iowa Department of Corrections in a lease agreement at the John Bennett Center in the former Iowa State Penitentiary.
The county is also considering a $100,000 commitment to the marina project over five years. Those funds would come from the county's general fund, which is carrying a low $2.5 million operating balance.

Considering the current options would you favor:
1 - Commiting $250,000 from the remaining $3.7 million in ARPA funds the county hasn't spent, but has allocated to a new County Health Department, to the marina project.
2. Spending $100,000 over the next five years out of the county's general fund as a commitment to the marina project.
3. Make no commitment to the Marina renovation project.

Cast your vote at the top of the page and results will be posted Monday morning.


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