FM takes 3rd at Southern Iowa Classic

Pennocks, Riddle, Smith and Thacher all claim titles


FAIRFIELD - Fort Madison took 3rd place at the annual Southern Iowa Classic in Fairfield Saturday, grabbing first-place finishes on the way.

Logan Pennock, Aidan Pennock, Nolan Riddle, Teague Smith and Ike Thacher all captures first place finishes to help the Hounds to 165.5 points behind Burlington with 168 and Prairie City-Monroe with 202.5.

Ike Thacher continues to roll through the competition going 4-for-4 on the day with three pins and a 9-0 decision. The junior turned his first two matches into falls inside the first period. His battle with Prairie City Monroe’s Nate Richards went the distance, but Thacher shut out his opponent. His title match was a pin over Burlington’s Moise Cordero half way through the second period.

Smith went 3-for-3 with three pins on the day, all coming in the first period.

Logan Pennock captured another 1st place this year at 126 lbs with three pins on the day. Pennock got a fall in the second period over Remington Fry of PCM. He also got a pin over Mt. Pleasant’s Charlie Bohnenkamp in the first round.

Nolan Riddle (145 lbs) went 4-0 on the day includin­­g three pins and a decision. His title match with Cason Miller of Fairfield went down to the wire, with Riddle escaping with a 4-3 decision.

Senior Aidan Pennock may have had the quickest night wrestling in five matches in the tournament and scoring pins all in the first period.

Cory Arnett took second place falling in the title match to Kaden Clark of PCM Monroe by fall but went through the first four rounds unscathed with three pins and an injury forfeit.

The Hounds Noah Swigart (120), Emmett Kruse (160), Hayden Segoviano (220) all captured 3rd place Saturday.

120: Noah Swigart (Fort Madison) - 3rd
Varsity - Round 1 - Aaron Boone (Washington) over Noah Swigart (Fort Madison) (Fall 2:29). Varsity - Round 2 - Zach Richards (PCM, Monroe) over Noah Swigart (Fort Madison) (Fall 0:56). Varsity - Round 3 - Noah Swigart (Fort Madison) over Buxton Carlson (Burlington) (Dec 13-8).
126: Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) - 1st
Varsity - Round 1 - Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Charlie Bohnenkamp (Mount Pleasant) (Fall 2:30) Varsity - Round 2 - Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Blaze Dochterman (Burlington) (Fall 2:21) Varsity - Round 3 - Logan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Remington Fry (PCM, Monroe) (Fall 3:13)
145: Nolan Riddle (Fort Madison) - 1st
Varsity - Round 2 - Nolan Riddle (Fort Madison) over Owen Difederico (Burlington) (Fall 1:13) Varsity - Round 3 - Nolan Riddle (Fort Madison) over Anthony Stice (Keokuk) (Fall 0:45) Varsity - Round 4 - Nolan Riddle (Fort Madison) over Hewitt Brinegar (PCM, Monroe) (Fall 1:14) Varsity - Round 5 - Nolan Riddle (Fort Madison) over Cason Miller (Fairfield) (Dec 4-3)
152: Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) - 1st
Varsity - Round 1 - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Aiden Westercamp (Fairfield) (Fall 0:20) Varsity - Round 2 - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Gavin Kerr (Mount Pleasant) (Fall 0:32) Varsity - Round 3 - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Khaos Martin (Keokuk) (Fall 0:38) Varsity - Round 4 - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Jeffrey McDanel (PCM, Monroe) (TF 15-0 5:31) Varsity - Round 5 - Aidan Pennock (Fort Madison) over Micah Zaugg (Burlington) (Fall 1:12)
160: Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) - 3rd
Varsity - Round 1 - Chase Greiner (Washington) over Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) (Fall 5:32) Varsity - Round 2 - Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) over Conrad Kirchner (Keokuk) (Dec 6-5) Varsity - Round 3 - Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) over Cam McClain (Fairfield) (Fall 5:33) Varsity - Round 4 - Wyatt Wheeler (PCM, Monroe) over Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) (MD 13-5) Varsity - Round 5 - Tanner Burchett (Burlington) over Emmett Kruse (Fort Madison) (Dec 7-4)
170: Teague Smith (Fort Madison) - 1st
Varsity - Round 1 - Teague Smith (Fort Madison) over Brody Lyons (Fairfield) (Fall 1:07). Varsity - Round 2 - Teague Smith (Fort Madison) over Aman Nash (Burlington) (Fall 1:48). Varsity - Round 3 - Teague Smith (Fort Madison) over Griffin Olson (PCM, Monroe) (Fall 0:39)
195: Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) - 1st
Varsity - Round 2 - Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) over Salomon Cordero (Burlington) (Fall 0:33). Varsity - Round 3 - Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) over Curtis Stender (Washington) (Fall 1:19). Varsity - Round 4 - Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) over Nate Richards (PCM, Monroe) (MD 9-0). Varsity - Round 5 - Isaac Thacher (Fort Madison) over Moise Cordero (Burlington) (Fall 2:52)
220: Hayden Segoviano (Fort Madison) - 3rd
Varsity - Round 1 - Julian  Perez-Hall (Burlington) over Hayden Segoviano (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:20). Varsity - Round 2 - Dre Smithburg (Fairfield) over Hayden Segoviano (Fort Madison) (Fall 2:00). Varsity - Round 3 - Hayden Segoviano (Fort Madison) over Joel Greiner (PCM, Monroe) (Fall 1:23)
285: Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) - 2nd
Varsity - Round 1 - Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) over Caden Huff (Burlington) (Fall 0:47). Varsity - Round 2 - Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) over Franklin Tousigant (Mount Pleasant) (Inj. [time]). Varsity - Round 3 - Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) over Aiden Plowman (Keokuk) (Fall 0:45) Varsity - Round 4 - Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) over Brandon Brinkschroeder (Fairfield) (Fall 2:00). Varsity - Round 5 - Kaden Clark (PCM, Monroe) over Cory Arnett (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:32)
Hayden Woolever (Fort Madison) - DNP
Varsity - Quarterfinals - Caden Greiner (Washington) over Hayden Woolever (Fort Madison) (MD 11-0). Varsity - Cons. Round 1 - Harrison Brinegar (PCM, Monroe) over Hayden Woolever (Fort Madison) (Dec 10-9). Varsity - 7th Place Match - Hayden Woolever (Fort Madison) received a bye.

Southern Iowa Classic Junior Varsity
Gavin Callahan (Fort Madison) - DNP
Junior Varsity - Round 1 - Gavin Callahan (Fort Madison) over Simon Pettit (Albia) (Fall 3:03). Junior Varsity - Round 2 - Gavin Callahan (Fort Madison) over Christian Ossman-Falline (Mount Pleasant) (MD 11-3). Junior Varsity - Round 3 - Gavin Callahan (Fort Madison) over Simion Claussen (Fairfield) (Fall 1:13)
Jackson Haessig (Fort Madison) - DNP
Junior Varsity - Round 1 - Lane Beckler (Mount Pleasant) over Jackson Haessig (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:38). Junior Varsity - Round 2 - Jackson Haessig (Fort Madison) over Angel Quimby (Fairfield) (MD 12-4). Junior Varsity - Round 3 - Eli Hilton (Albia) over Jackson Haessig (Fort Madison) (Fall 0:54)
Jake Haessig (Fort Madison) - DNP
Junior Varsity - Round 1 - Rayden Winkler (Keokuk) over Jake Haessig (Fort Madison) (Fall 2:16). Junior Varsity - Round 2 - Joe Hartman (Fort Madison) over Jake Haessig (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:21). Junior Varsity - Round 3 - Jake Haessig (Fort Madison) over Mason Yocum (Mount Pleasant) (Fall 1:09)
Joe Hartman (Fort Madison) - DNP
Junior Varsity - Round 1 - Joe Hartman (Fort Madison) over Mason Yocum (Mount Pleasant) (Fall 0:18). Junior Varsity - Round 2 - Joe Hartman (Fort Madison) over Jake Haessig (Fort Madison) (Fall 1:21). Junior Varsity - Round 3 - Joe Hartman (Fort Madison) over Rayden Winkler (Keokuk) (Fall 0:30)
Aaron Warner (Fort Madison) - DNP
Junior Varsity - Round 1 - Aaron Warner (Fort Madison) over Carson Rankin (Albia) (Fall 1:31). Junior Varsity - Round 2 - Aaron Warner (Fort Madison) over Darrian Stocker (Albia) (Fall 5:07). Junior Varsity - Round 3 - Aaron Warner (Fort Madison) over Sam Mason-Goff (Washington) (Fall 0:41)
Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) - DNP
Junior Varsity - Round 1 - Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) over Parker Hemann (Albia) (Fall 0:23). Junior Varsity - Round 2 - Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) over Elijah Gibbs (Keokuk) (Fall 0:24). Junior Varsity - Round 3 - Henry Wiseman (Fort Madison) over Nathan Coffman (Albia) (TF 20-1 2:43).

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