Workers’ compensation benefits help after on-the-job injury

Q. What benefits am I entitled to receive if I sustain an injury at work?


A. If you are injured at work, you essentially are entitled to three different types of benefits, Medical Benefits, Wage Replacement Benefits and Permanency Benefits.

1. The first type of benefit that you are entitled to is to have your medical expenses paid for medical care received as a result of the work injury. The employer has the right to choose your physician, but they are required to pay for your medical care. In addition, they should pay you the cost of gas and use of your vehicle to get you to and from your doctor (mileage expense).

2. The second benefit you are entitled to is wage replacement benefits if you have to be off work as a result of your injury. Each week that you are off of work as a result of your work injury, you are entitled to receive a check which approximates your take-home pay. The reason it “approximates” your take home pay is because it is non-taxable.

3. The final benefit you are entitled to receive is what is called permanent partial disability benefits. These are benefits that are paid based upon the severity of your injury and, in some cases, based upon how it affects your earnings in the future. This is the benefit that is typically discussed for purposes of a settlement of a Workers’ Compensation claim.

There are other benefits that you are entitled to if you are injured at work and an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer can provide you guidance concerning those additional benefits.

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