Letter to the Editor – Election results must be considered with respect to all


Dear Lee County Voters,

I respect all voters on both sides of the school bond referendum because I believe there are legitimate concerns on both sides. However I have been disturbed with the responses from the “Yes” camp.

I have seen multiple name-calling, shaming, demeaning responses that border bullying in my mind.

All this does is shut down any chance of dialogue with those who voted “no”. I understand the results have caused a lot of disappointment. This situation calls for mature, open dialogue between all voters. I truly feel like those who voted “no” have questions and concerns that they are afraid to air publicly due to the overwhelming rude responses from those who voted “yes”. I also feel it would be helpful to specifically reach out to the rural communities in Lee County and find out what their concerns are. No matter how you voted, your fellow voters deserve your respect and thoughtful consideration of their view.

Kristin Brookhiser

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