Overton names FMCH Employee of the Month


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FORT MADISON – Fort Madison Community Hospital recognized Mary Overton as their September Employee of the Month. Overton is part of the Courtesy Services team. She has been with FMCH for twenty-nine years. Overton was chosen with this nomination:
This employee lives the Standards of Behavior at FMCH excelling at Guest Relations, Personal Accountability, and Positive Attitude. Today it was absolutely raining cats and dogs and I came across this employee standing in the clinic circle drive with an elderly woman who uses a walker. They were talking the woman into giving them the keys to her car so they could pull her car up to the doors! And the lady accepted, gave this employee her umbrella and the employee trudged out into the pouring down rain, drove the car up to the circle drive and helped the lady into her car. For that woman, this employee is most certainly a hero and deserving of Employee of the Month.
Oveton recognized all of her past and present co-workers as having made a difference in who she is today. “My favorite part of working at FMCH, is working with and seeing my co-workers on a daily basis, and realizing that I am helping patients and their families every day.”
When not taking care of guests at FMCH, Overton enjoys outdoor activities, helping her husband on the farm and spending time with her two sons, their families and her friends.
The Employee of the Month is an initiative developed by the Reward & Recognition team. Each month a FMCH employee is honored for going above and beyond for the good of the patient, their co-workers and the organization.

Pictured: Jeremy Alexander, President/CEO; Mary Overton; and Vicki Kokjohn, VP of Employee Operations.

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