LEOs to step up patrols over Thanksgiving weekend

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FORT MADISON – As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches many people will take to the roads and highways of the state to visit family and friends and give thanks for what we, as Americans, have been provided, not to mention the football and turkey.
The Fort Madison Police Department, along with the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau and other law enforcement departments, ask that all people drive in a safe and defensive manner. From our point of view, it is better to get to your destination, even if it may be a little late, than to not get there at all.
Nationwide in 2015 (the last year in which data is available} the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 301 vehicle occupants were killed in crashes during the Thanksgiving weekend. In Iowa during 2015 and 2016 there were 5 fatalities each year.
During this holiday time Law Enforcement Officers throughout the State of Iowa will be out enforcing Iowa’s seat belt, drinking and texting laws, as well as all other traffic laws, in order to ensure a safe driving holiday.

The Fort Madison Police Department wishes everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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