CenturyLink outages limit 9-1-1 service


LEE COUNTY – According to county officials, 9-1-1 service from some land lines in Keokuk may be interrupted for an undetermined amount of time.

Travis Solem, LeeComm director, said he was informed by CenturyLink that several outages across the state may hinder 9-1-1 service to customers.

“They called me and said 322 customers in the Keokuk area may not have 9-1-1 service for an undetermined amount of time,” Solem said.

“They didn’t tell which parts of the city, why, or how long it will last. But the outages aren’t just here, they are across the state.”

Solem said cellphone 9-1-1 service is still functioning. Residents who can’t access 9-1-1 through their land lines and don’t have cell phone service can still call the non-emergency numbers at the sheriff’s department for assistance. That number is 319-372-1152. Keokuk Police can be reached at 524-2741.

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