Sheriff looking for sex offender who cut off GPS


LEE COUNTY – A regular compliance check of individuals registered as sex offenders in Lee County has resulted in deputies looking for an offender who has allegedly cut off his GPS monitor.

According to a release from the sheriff’s office on Thursday, 69 checks were made in Lee County resulting in one arrest, and charges pending against two who were found to be out of compliance with registration status.

A fourth individual is being sought for cutting off the GPS monitor on Wednesday, while authorities were looking for him to conduct the compliance check.

“Regular compliance checks are done in Lee County to assure that the public is aware these individuals do reside in our county, but are being monitored by this department very rigorously,” Weber wrote.

“Since being elected Sheriff, these checks have been completed near Halloween as children could possibly knock on these doors unknowingly. We take the monitoring and apprehension of these individuals very seriously.

“One such individual is wanted for cutting his GPS off just yesterday while he was being sought for his compliance check. Any information that lends to his arrest and conviction could result in a reward from Lee County Crimestoppers.

The checks were conducted on Wednesday with the assistance of the Keokuk Police Department, Fort Madison Police Department, West Point/Donnellson Police Department, Montrose Police Department, and the Iowa State Division of Criminal Investigation.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office sex offender registry compliance officers, Detective Sergeant Clint Wray and Deputy Wade Johnson, compiled the information that included four Lee County registered sex offenders who are currently incarcerated, three more have outstanding warrants, and one is believed to be living outside of the country.

“We appreciate the assistance by the public assuring the compliance is kept in these matters,” Weber wrote.

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