AI is us creating our elimination


AI’s starting to bust my buttons.
Not A1, I kind like that savory sauce with hints of raisin and orange on steak when I break down and eat beef.
But AI – Artificial Intelligence -  may be the biggest mistake in the history of mankind.
Not just because its virtual elimination of human influence is inherently detrimental to the puzzle of society, but because it’s stupid. How’s that for irony.
We are creating the very technology that makes humanity obsolete.
You can’t even ask, ‘Where does it end?’ because that’s where it ends.
This technology is being used to identify perceived security breaches, provide defense, weaponry, literature, labor, medicine – an immeasurable litany of things that will be taken over. Workforce, taxbase, love – why are so we arrogant we can’t see our own ultimate demise.
The more we create, eventually won’t they be able to create themselves? We’ll develop technology that beats us to the clone.
We ran up against AI this week when Facebook started popping some of our posts because it’s AI service and related algorithms were detecting what it thought were violations of the company’s community standards policies. We had no problem with Facebook prior to August. Each pop is considered a violation. When you accrue so many violations, they start restricting your access to your own page.
The bad part is five years ago when we started, that would’ve been a customer service call and hopefully a quick resolution.
This tech could literally kill a small business. By the time it gets sorted out from the damned machines to a human who can allow the variables to be factored in, the damage could already be done.
I’m all about technology that doesn’t require humans to risk lives. Our soldiers, the greatest on earth, sign up knowing they could be putting their lives on the line. But if technology can do what humans don’t have to on the battlefield, I’m good – no, I’m great.
But when it comes to commerce, literature, and other aforementioned studies, shouldn’t human creation be sufficient? Why do we need a binary based entity doing what we were intended to do?
I mean, I’m a seasoned professional at sass and sarcasm. My sense of humor is a bag of cats and you just can’t pull that off on something that’s programmed to be smarter than me. It will not get the sarcasm. What fun is that?!
“Dude, your binary is showing.”
“I’m. sorry. Charles, but. Binary. Data. Is. Not. Visible. To. The. Human. Eye. And. Can. Only. Be. Investigated. Through. Mathematics.”
“Go fix me Turkey Pot Pie!”
“Charles, I am. Not. Programmed. For. Manual. Labor. But. To. Be. A. Supplemental. Intelligence. Vehicle. For. Problem. Solving.”
“Oh… solve this!”
“No. Question. Has. Been. Posed, Charles?”
You see where I’m going. And if we unplug it, will they go all “Bluetooth” and reconnect themselves? There’s no way out. I believe in the human negotiation, that process. How can you convince AI, unless you're Stephen freakin’ Hawking? There’s emotion and relationships and love. And AI, I don’t care how advanced, can’t supplant the human process.
Where would AI have fit in in the Bay of Pigs? We can’t count on machinery to measure appropriately the human process. It just can’t do it, I don’t care how advanced it gets.
Creating technology that makes us irrelevant couldn’t be more detrimental to our existence. Will AI take over for judges and make rulings based on the input of centuries of judicial “opinion”? It could be reduced to data entry, or would they use strict adherence to federal statutes. Would it give the person representing themselves at a hearing the allowance of judgment that incorporates compassion and fairness?
AI in law enforcement - who’s seen Judge Dredd? Really? That’s something we’re striving for.
Wouldn’t the next great piece of literature be less great because it was created by an algorithm no matter how good, because the experiences and emotion and effort aren’t real?
I don’t think I’d buy that book or download that song.
Humans have created vaccines and roads and mammoth structures and feats of engineering that boggle the mind. But it came from great minds and all the other things we’ve discussed here, not a compilation of expanded data entry.
Look up over your cup of coffee at your toaster or convection oven. All you must do is unplug that sucker and take it to the dump and you don’t have to worry about it being on your counter the next morning.
At some point, I’m not sure you’ll be able to say the same for Artificial Intelligence. So, let’s put it in the trash can now, while we still can. Mwaaa-haa-haaaaaaa.
Speaking of scary, someone had the unmitigated gall and lack of humanity to send a check to the Lee County Treasurer in an baggie with feces. We have the name and formal charges could be pending, but we’re going to use our compassion, despite the check being a PUBLIC RECORD, YOU IDIOTS,  and not put the names here -  yet. But you folks should seriously think about some artificial intelligence – But That’s Beside the Point.
Chuck Vandenberg is editor and co-owner of Pen City Current and can be reached at

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