Don't let quantity of yard signs be deciding factor in vote


Dear Editor,
As I drive around Lee County I get to thinking about the psychology of yard signs.  Do yard signs really make a difference in the out come of elections?  What does the display of the yard say about the ultimate preference of the household?
As a data driven person anecdotal information, although useful in some contexts, is not what I wanted in answering my questions.  So I turned to Politics on Display: Yard Signs and the Politicization of Social Spaces by Makse, Minkoff and Sokhey.
Some of the data shows that when exposed to large number of signs some people will vote for a candidate without have any informational context.  In other words, simply because they recognize someone’s name.
In this election, informational  context is so important. Constituents need to ensure they know about their candidate’s belief systems.  There is simply too much at stake for education, human rights and voting accessibility.
There is a lot more data involved in this particular study, but one clear takeaway is  do not let the quantity of yard signs influence your decisions.  Ask the tough questions and view our future not through a red or blue lens, but rather with a clear lens focused on educating all children,  a woman’s right to make their own health care decisions and ensuring voting accessibility.

Rebecca Bowker
HD 100 Candidate

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  • Tommy2024

    Let the quantity of all high prices and the quantity of high crime and of course the quantity of high illegal immigrant be the deciding factor in voting.

    A vote for a democrat is a vote against the USA

    Sunday, September 11, 2022 Report this