Fober's book may be most important of 21st century


I knew the book was good.  We were on vacation in a seaside paradise, and all I wanted to do was return to the motel room and read (study) Karoleen Fober's manuscript that she had asked me to review: “Opening to Divine Intervention: Expand and Strengthen Your Intuitive Abilities and Spiritual Connection.”  Why?  Her words were putting me in such close contact with God, it was like I could reach out and touch Him.  In fact, in one story she relates, she knew God was present when rain started to gently fall.  As I read this, I looked out the open patio door of the motel room, and it started to rain.  Shivers ran up and down my spine.
Karoleen (Harryman) Fober grew up in Van Buren County.  She has an identical twin sister.  She and her twin sister were the youngest of five children.  Her parents were farmers and hard workers.  She went off to Iowa State, became a teacher, then a financial adviser.  She married Gary Fober, also an Iowan, and became a Life Coach, and now an author. 
She followed my Empty Nest column in the Van Buren County Register for years and felt she had a connection with me.  After she wrote her book, she got up the nerve to call and ask if I would review it.  (What if I didn't like her book?)  We both felt a connection over the phone immediately, and I agreed to review her book, which was in manuscript form.  I couldn't put it down.  We were leaving for vacation the next day, so I took the manuscript with me.  I still have it and asked her to sign it.  I expect it to be quite valuable someday. 
Karoleen Fober doesn't mince words.  God told her to write the book and she obeyed.  Wise decision.  She has an acronym, ACUTE, for seeking spiritual guidance.  Accept that spiritual communication is real.  Claim it for yourself and start using it.  Utilize the tools and strategies, such as praying, meditating, and appreciation to activate, expand, and strengthen your intuitive abilities.  Trust your feelings and the messages and signs you are receiving.  Enjoy the process and journey of Spiritual Communication.
Putting you in touch with your feelings and experiences, and prompting you to remember events out of your life where you have been divinely inspired, probably without knowing it, was for me, an Aha moment.  The book's greatest asset is learning how to tap into the spiritual world. 
“We co-create with God,” Karoleen states, and I believe her, although I didn't realize it until she stated it.  “The highest form of energy is love.”  “Souls, when they are in heaven, do their spiritual work, and they begin to grow and understand things they couldn't in their lifetime on earth.”  Then those souls of loved ones help us mortals here on earth.  Wow!
At 75, I really appreciated what she had to say about aging.  “Highly sensitive people get more sensitive as they grow older.”  “...those who are highly sensitive have been found to be highly intuitive, and many are blessed with elevated abilities in Spiritual Communication.”
Go to Amazon and buy her book.  Write a review.  Help Karoleen Fober's book go to number one in its category, if not over all.  She has an impressive website at www.karoleenfober.com
So why is Karoleen Fober's book, “Opening to Divine Intervention” the most important book of the 21st Century?  It brings us closer to God.  What's more important than that?  Just yesterday, as I was picking tomatoes, “punkins” and Indian Corn in our garden on a beautiful fall day, I was talking to and thanking God the whole time for His bounty.      Another reason I know Karoleen Fober's book is good is that she didn't heed my suggestions.  Bully for her.  I believe the Holy Spirit brought Karoleen Fober and me together. 
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