EMPTY NEST By Curt Swarm

God winks at Empty Nest farm


God Wink: those moments we feel touched by God in a unique and unexpected way, as if God were winking at us.  Often chalked up as coincidence by “non-believers,” God Winks are considered signs that God is looking out for us. 
I had a God Wink the other day.  It was so subtle that I almost didn't recognize it.  But once it revealed itself to me, I had to share. 
I was writing one of my columns about a Ukrainian family who just arrived in Mt. Pleasant.  I had the rough draft of the story written and wanted the family to proof it.  On the way out of the house I noticed a hundred dollar bill lying on my desk.  I don't often have hundred dollar bills, and like to hang onto them.  God spoke to my heart and said, “Give it to the Ukrainian family.  They need it.” 
I didn't want to because I'm a selfish person and, even though Ginnie and I have all we need, I wanted to keep that hundred dollar bill for myself.  But I followed the command God laid on my heart, and left the hundred dollar bill with the Ukrainian family.  It was obvious they needed it, and they did appreciate it, giving me a nice warm hug.
That afternoon I was paying bills.  I always check my bank balance when paying bills.  Lo-and-behold, there was an unexpected deposit of $1,000 in my bank account from my employer.  It took me a few minutes to realize what happened.  When I did, I had to stop and say a little prayer of thanks, and ask forgiveness for not trusting Him.  
I've had tinnitus (ringing in the ears) for over 20 years.  There is no cure.  I've tried the home-grown remedies, like drinking vinegar until I was sick, and CBD Gummies, to no avail.  I also prayed for a cure.  Tinnitus is quite irritating.  It sounds like an Iowa ditch full of insects. 
Recently, at my annual eye check-up, the doctor told me I have early stage Macular Degeneration, and prescribed an over-the-counter eye vitamin.  I've been taking the vitamin for six months now.  I'll be danged if the tinnitus hasn't subsided to an almost imperceptible sound.  It's still there, but doesn't have near the volume.  My only explanation is that the eye vitamin is also repairing the damaged auditory nerves.  Is this an answer to prayer, or the action of a vitamin, or both?  You be the judge.  (Sorry, I can't list the brand name of the eye vitamin.)                      
My last example is a flat-out miracle.  I wrote about it in my first book, “Protected” but it's worth retelling.  I've been clean and sober 34 years.  About 20 years sober, I found myself out late at night, hungry, lonely and tired.  I needed something to eat and the only place open was a bar.  I didn't want to go in because I was afraid I would be tempted to drink.  I prayed to God for protection.  I walked into the bar and the bartender said, “Sorry, we can't serve you.  We just lost our liquor license.”  True story.  There is no doubt in my mind that God took immediate and swift action to help me stay sober.  (He still has work left for me to do.)
I'm going to be teaching Creative Writing again this winter in our home, starting on the first Saturday in January.  I limit the class to six.  If interested contact me at curtswarm@yahoo.com or phone/text me at 319-217-0526 for details.  Have a book you wanna write or memoir you wanna leave your family and friends?  This creative writing class has produced some powerful writing.  Books and poetry have been published.  We have lots of fun too.  Maybe a Christmas gift for someone wanting to write?   
One more God Wink: after an outrageous wind storm this spring, filling our yard with drifts of corn shucks and stalks, we went outside to find downed limbs, one of my sculptures blown across the highway, and a stick cross in front of our house, like God was protecting our home.  That cross is still there.  God Wink? 

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