Henry County reader advocates for Lee County supervisor race

Dear Editor,
While I live across your northern border by only a few hundred yards, just inside Henry County and therefore unable to vote in your upcoming election, I welcome the opportunity to report on talent when I see it.
A career in public service has taught me that persons serving in government posts must exhibit energy, knowhow, experience, hard work, a passion to serve others and maximum integrity.  Donna Amandus is such a person.
The County Supervisor job is a tough one as rural Iowa faces many headwinds.  Donna Amandus will not shy from any challenge.  She exhibits a positive outlook at all times and savors working with everyone she meets.
As a business owner Donna understands the demands of troubled economies and values the community partnerships necessary in business and government.  
 Our Southeast Iowa Counties serve best when we think and act Regionally.  This requires initiative, vision, sound communication talents and outreach.   These are Donna's strengths.
Local government and rural Iowa needs people like Donna Amandus.  Donna will be a County Supervisor who can be relied upon to always be on the job in the best interest of your community.  I consider her a great neighbor as will her neighbors in Lee County.   Vote Donna Amandus for Supervisor.
David Helman,
Henry County
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