Hounds, Lady Hounds win BHS Invitational

Fort Madison runners dominate weekend meet in Burlington


BURLINGTON – The warm weekend weather was good on the Bloodhounds boys and girls track teams.
Fort Madison’s boys captured first place with 132 points in the six-team event at Burlington Community High School. The Central Lee Hawks were fourth with 59. The Lady Hounds captured first with 136 points in the five-team event. Central Lee was fourth with 42.
The Lady Hounds earned ten first-place finishes including three from sophomore Avery Rump and two from Hailey Kemper. Mara Smith also got a title in the open 800 with a 2:30.44. Brylie Lorence took 1st with a 110’3” spin in the discus.
The Lady Hounds also won the 4x800 relay, the sprint medley, and shuttle hurdle relay.
Fort Madison boys also captured 11 first-place finishes. Fort Madison won both the discus and the shotput with Brayton Schneider winning the discus and Caden Barnes winning the shotput.
Julian Dear, Adam Sobczak, Kenden Bowie, and Riley Tripp each had individual titles in open events.
Kylie Fortune won the long jump with a 15’1” leap and Allison Gruntmeier won the long jump for the Lady Hawks. Grant Myhre raced to the title of the 400-meter dash in 53.12 to lead Central Lee.
Complete results for local runners are listed below.

Girls results
Long jump: FM - Alaina Schwerin 14’2 (7th), Kenna Gittings 13’3” (8th), Ellie Huebner 13’2.5” (9th) and Alexa Walz 12’6” (10th). Central Lee: Kylie Fortune 15’1” (1st).
Shot put: FM – Brylie Lorence 39’1.5” (2nd). Central Lee: Aubrey Weber 28’1.5” (7th).
Discus: FM – Lorence 110’3” (1st). Weber 89’9.5” (3rd).
100-meter dash: Mara Smith 13.9 (2nd), Andrea Yrigoyen 15.83 (11th), Laci Gathers 19.66 (16th). Central Lee – Brooklyn Jones 15.36 (9th), MaKayla Howard 15.55 (10th).
200-meter dash: FM – Emma Snaadt 30.83 (5th), Emma Kern 32.95 (9th), Yrigoyen 34.21 (12th), Gathers 42.63 (16th). Central Lee: Fortune 31.89 (7th), Madelyn Derr 33.29 (10th).
400-meter dash: FM – Avery Rump 1:05.54 (1st), Emma Snaadt 1:11.34 (5th), Mira Koser 1:13.91 (6th). Central Lee – Gabby Maynes 1:09.11 (3rd).
800-meter run:  FM – Smith 2:30.44 (1st), Esther Gnann 2:58.04 (4th), Addisyn Lumsden 3:12.04 (6th). Central Lee – Macie Doty 3:02.51 (5th).
1500-meter run: FM – Avery Rump 5:04.54 (1st), Addison Rump 5:36.26 (2nd) Torey Potter 6:36.96 (6th). Central Lee – Saphire Cummings 8:24.75 (8th).
3000-meter run: FM – Avery Rump 10:51.51 (1st), Addison Rump 11:36.18 (2nd). Central Lee – no entry.
100-meter hurdles: FM – Hailey Kemper 18.04 (1st), Chloe Sokolik 18.59 (3rd), Schwerin 20.55 (5th). Central Lee – Allison Gruntmeir 20.63 (6th), Julia Fraise 20.81 (8th).
400-meter hurdles: FM – Kemper 1:10.61 (1st), Walz 1:24.93 (4th). Central Lee – Kamryn Cox 1:24.93 (4th).
4x100 relay: FM – Lillian Gelsthorpe, Olivia Buckner, Kemper, Kern 55.44 (2nd), Yrigoyen, Walz, Gathers and Addisyn Lumsden 1:06.64 (6th). Central Lee – Karagen Rodgers, Gracie Howard, Katheryn Zufall, Madelyn Derr 1:04.83 (5th).
4x200 relay: FM – Gelsthorpe, Buckner, Kern, Huebner, 2:00.35 (2nd). Central Lee – Rodgers, Zufall, Shalida Mortimer, Gracie Howard 2:21.64 (5th).
4x400 relay: FM – Huebner, Gnann, Alaina Schwerin and Koser 4:59.96 (3rd). Central Lee – no entry.
4x800 relay: FM – Schinstock, Paetyn Wiegand, Schwerin and Huebner 10:57.89 (1st), Addisyn Lumsden, Koser, Snaadt and Torey Potter 12:25.48 (3rd).
Sprint Medley: FM - Gittings, Buckner, Smith and Gelsthorpe 2:16:52 (4th). Central Lee – Joines, M. Howard, Nora Lampe and Maynes 2:10.82 (2nd)
Distance Medley: FM – Gelsthorpe, Gittings, Gnann and Schinstock 4:50.67 (1st). Central Lee – Jones, Howard, Cox and Doty 5:08.56 (3rd)
Shuttle hurdle: FM – Sokolik, Walz, Kemper, Gittings, 1:15.83 (1st). Central Lee – Lampe, Cox, Fraise and Gruntmeir 1:22.16 (3rd).
High Jump: FM – no entry. Central Lee – Gruntmeir 4’8” (1st), Fortune 4’8” (3rd).

Boys Results
Long Jump: FM – Hunter Smrt 15’8” (12th)
Shot put (Wheelchair): FM – Brandon Klein 13’10” (1st).
Shot put: FM – Caden Barnes 45’10.5 (1st), Urijah Brooks 40’0.5” (4th), Cory Arnett 37’7” (7th), Markus Holbert 29’3.5” (13th). Central Lee – Ostyn Moore 38’11” (5th), Owen Krogmeier 32’2” (10th), Baylor Ferreira 32’1.5” (11th), Cam Thornburg 30’11.5” (12th).
Discus: FM – Brayton Schneider 129’9” (1st), Arnett 125’11” (2nd), Brooks 104’10” (6th), Dayton Lamar 83’0” (11th). Central Lee – Krogmeier 104’4” (7th), Thornburg 80’4.5” (12th), Jack Benner  75’2” (14th), Moore 67’0” (15th).
100-meter dash: FM – Julian Dear 11.38 (1st), Peyton Lambert 12.64 (10th), Mason McLey 12.8 (13th). Central Lee – Evan Fogarty 11.85 (3rd), Will Ferris 12.22 (8th), Benner 13.68 (16th).
200-meter dash: FM – Lamar 24.38 (2nd), Lambert 25.14 (5th), Kiawante Smith 25.14 (6th), McLey 25.85 (11th). Central Lee – Aden Ross 24.82 (3rd), Ferris 25.10 (4th), E. Fogarty 25.80 (10th), Kain Arrowood 26.74 (15th).
400-meter dash: FM – Nolan Guzman 54.10 (2nd), Calvin Johnson 59.99 (4th). Central Lee – Grant Myhre 53.12 (1st), Ross 54.93 (3rd), Riley Salter-Rickman 1:00.34 (5th).
800-meter run: FM – Johnson 2:21.22 (5th), Noah Krogmeier 2:27.49 (8th). Central Lee – Brett Cook2:19.99 (4th), Trevin Ball 2:40.25 (13th), Beau Boyd 2:52.81 (14th).
1600- meter run: FM – Johnson 5:15.60 (4th). Central Lee – Ward Fraise 5:21.55 (5th), Caden Crozier 5:59.96 (8th).
3200-meter run: FM – Riley Tripp 11:11.58 (1st). Central Lee – no entry.
110 hurdles: FM – Henry Wiseman 16.23 (2nd), Gavin Callahan 17.25 (4th), Lucius Zimmerman 21.10 (8th).
400-meter hurdles: FM – Adam Sobczak 59.76 (1st), Zimmerman 1:10.33 (8th). Central Lee – Kegan Damico 1:00.52 (2nd), Austin Fogarty 1:05.51 (5th).
4x100 relay: FM – Sobczak, Lamar, Hayden Segoviano, Dear 44.37 (2nd). Central Lee – Baylor Ferreira, Owen Krogmeier, Ostyn Moore and Cam Thornburg 57.58 (6th)
4x200 relay: FM – Segoviano, Dear, Marcus Guzman and Smith 1:33.38 (1st). Central Lee – no entry.
4x400 relay: FM – Peyton Lambert, Tripp, McLey and Nolan Guzman 3:47.54 (3rd). Central Lee – no entry.
4x800 relay: FM – no entry. Central Lee: Leo Thomas, Salter-Rickman, Caden Crozier, Ward Fraise 9:53.22 (3rd).
Sprint Medley: FM – Segoviano, Dear, Lamar and Lambert 1:40.61 (1st), Brody Cashman, Eric Cornelis, Evan Richmond and Noah Krogmeier 1:52.97 (5th). Central Lee – E. Fogarty, Grant Myhre, Kegan Damico, Brett Cook 1:45.00 (2nd).
Distance Medley: FM – Richmond, Koser, Cornelis and Noah Krogmeier 4:24.35 (3rd). Central Lee – A. Fogarty, Cody Kitzman, Kaidin Humes, Caden Crozier 4:25.38 (4th).
Shuttle Hurdle Relay: FM – Sobczak, Smith, Callahan, Wiseman 1:01.38 (1st)
High Jump: Kenden Bowie 6’4” (1st), Guzman 6’1” (3rd), Smrt 5’6” (7th). Central Lee – Damico 6’2” (2nd).

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