Reader says Reynolds being hypocritical


Dear Editor;

 “I think it’s ridiculous and unfortunate that four school board
members would put politics ahead of the kids,” Reynolds said."

If that isn't the pot calling the kettle black. Reynolds and her cult of
Republicans have been ramming bill after bill through which are
anything but putting kids ahead of politics. Anti-trans/LGBQTA via
bathroom and pronoun laws, anti-black via eliminating curriculum
and implimenting book bans, anti-healthcare via eliminating
HIV/AIDS/HPV education, anti-woman/parent via abortion

She says the FMCSD board can't have it both ways, yet that is
exactly how she operates, so why shouldn't they? And that's exactly
how any parents who voted for and uphold her "beliefs and values"
are operating. They couldn't care less when laws are harming
someone else's kids, but they'll scream from the mountaintops if
their child might lose out on doing an extracurricular activity.

I don't agree with this separation agreement. I believe there could
be other options out there to keep them in place. Other schools
paid a sum for that participation, why can't that be upped to cover
costs? Or parents pay an annual fee for the option to participate
(and scholarships for those who can't)? Or fundraisers at all
schools to offset costs?

And for those who cried "we pay taxes". Yes, we all do, even those
of us who don't have kids or have adult children. We've sucked it up,
so can the parents who CHOOSE to send their kids to private
school...I don't think that is, as Chuck would say, beside the point.

Michelle Scott,
Fort Madison

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    Good for u m scott.

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