Pickleball is on the rise - Letter to the Editor


Dear Editor:

When I hear “Pickleball”, I immediately flash back to my high school P.E. days. I vaguely remember the rules, but the game itself was fun. Fast forward to today, when you hear of Pickleball you not only hear it everywhere but also see it! Sports networks are streaming professional leagues and tournaments, you see pickleball courts going up in towns all over the place (local areas here). Pickleball is everywhere! Which gets me to our pickleball community here in Fort Madison.

I’ve heard bits and pieces about the Pickleball games that are held at the FM YMCA during the day.  I recently saw that there were going to have games on Monday and Wednesday nights from 5-7. I’m always up for a challenge, trying something new, as well as trying to get a good workout in so I decided to try it. Of course, no surprise, all players welcomed me, my family and anyone else who joined in. Special shout out to Phyllis, who has patients of a saint and encouraged all my efforts while playing. There were players of all ages, all levels of experience, and all having a great time.

I was hooked.

I was also excited to learn more about the plans for the outdoor courts that are currently under construction at victory park. This is an opportunity to support something that all can be involved in. I strongly encourage you to try it out for yourself. What’s the worse thing that could happen??? You could “get pickled”?

Janelle Cresswell,
Fort Madison

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