Reader opposes gun amendment proposal

Dear Editor;
There is a very important constitutional amendment to the Iowa constitution we’ll be voting on next Tuesday. To find it, you’ll need to turn your ballot over when you vote, it’s called “Public Measure 1”. I would ask you to please vote NO! This constitutional amendment asks Iowans if we should change our state constitution to give guns more protection than the 2nd amendment of the US constitution already does. It’s simply not necessary! The reason we have this amendment on the ballot in the first place is because the republican legislature in two separate sessions voted to put it on the ballot. Apparently they must have felt that the US constitution doesn’t go far enough to protect guns. This makes me wonder if guns will have more protections than Iowans. This amendment seems reasonable but its not. It lulls you into thinking that “strict scrutiny” will be applied when dealing with guns. But in reality, using the legal words “strict scrutiny” means a judge would be required to assume a challenged gun safety policy is unconstitutional until proven otherwise. It could put background checks, red flag laws, restrictions on guns in schools, or anywhere else for that matter, business owners’ no-gun policies, abusers’ ability to purchase and own a gun and more in jeopardy. We need common sense gun laws in our country and in Iowa. As someone who has committed my life to public health and safety, I urge you to consider the full import of what this law would do. We simply don’t need to mess with our constitution. Please vote NO!
Cindy Steflik,
West Point
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