Reader says Graber not right fit for District 100

Dear Editor:
State employees are losing faith in their elected leaders.  Republicans gutted collective bargaining several years ago and now the only thing we can bargain for is wage increase.  Even that was predetermined, now you can negotiate a 3% wage increase or the rate of inflation – whichever is less.   Staffing, hiring, pay increases and just plain fairness are gone from state employment.  While other states are taking care of their employees the state of Iowa is throwing crumbs.  If you want a safe environment in which to live, you want good consistent service, you need to fund it properly!  

We need a change in leadership that respects the employees it hires and seeks to treat them fairly.  As a state employee we are public servants, the state treats us as servants.  I’m not voting for Martin Graber, he’s just not the right kind of leader.  Luckily we have Rebecca Bowker who will stand up for us.  She is a leader with empathy, compassion and truly tries to understand a problem, not run away from it.  He is an elitist who doesn’t understand living paycheck to paycheck.

Please vote on November 8th or earlier at the Lee County Auditor's office.

Jordan Brecount

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