Reader supports Bowker for House District 100


Dear Editor:

What I think people do not know about Rebecca Bowker is that she doesn’t just volunteer during an election cycle. Rebecca has a long history of volunteering and serving in our community. You may have seen her walking down the road with picking up trash. You may have seen her taking care of the pocket park in Fort Madison. She takes pride in her community and does not think twice about cleaning up what some others will refuse to touch.

 Rebecca has volunteered on downtown committees since 1996 and she was an active Board member of the Chamber and United Way during this time frame. She continued to be a volunteer for the United Way for several years and was always willing to help in any capacity.

Rebecca has volunteered for domestic abuse prevention initiatives for the last 20 years. She is again, trying to help by taking to donations at Fareway on Monday 10/31. She has served on the Fort Madison Housing Authority for over 17 years. She believes in truly helping southeast Iowans with their challenges.

 Rebecca was a very proud member of Kiwanis for numerous years and was proud to serve as president. In her time, she has been a time and/or money volunteer for the Relay for Life, the 2 x 4’s or the YMCA soccer program. As a current city council person, she has been an advocate of personal and property rights, she has dedicated numerous hours to the Marina project and keeping the integrity of city government on the accountable.

Rebecca has quietly served on the Historic Iowa State Penitentiary board exploring options for the reinvestment of this property. She continues to volunteer for nonprofits writing grants. I am not even mentioning the numerous financial investments she has made in nonprofits and personal situations I encouraged each voter to seriously look at when your representative shows up, answer emails or event phone calls. Because it matters. I know that Rebecca will be accessible because that is the type of person she is.

Saturday the Old Settlers Park Association encouraged our community to come together in the park for a safe trick or treat for families.  Rebecca as usual was there, in her costume, while other political candidates saw this as an opportunity to give away their swag or “kiss a baby”

Please consider this as we head to the poles.  Vote Rebecca Bowker for Iowa House District 100, so she can continue to work for us.

Shelley Dowling,
Fort Madison

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