Reader supports Gaylord, Amandus, and Bowker

Dear Editor:

I'm writing to express my support for Becky Gaylord for Lee County Treasurer.  Have you ever been in a job where you're the one doing all the work while your boss is nowhere to be found?  I think that's the reason I support Becky, she's worked hard in the Treasurer's office, she has the support of county employees and she gets the job done.  She bends over backwards to make sure Lee County citizens get what they need.  She is always happy to help and ready to deliver.  The big difference between her and her opponent is Becky is there for the people, I'm not sure why her opponent is there.

People may also find it odd as a lifelong democrat I'm writing to support someone running on the republican ticket.  People who know me know I have always supported the best candidate regardless of party.  And at the county level of government partisonism has NO place.  Tom Schulz keeps bringing national politics into the race?  We need to be working together, not pulling people apart.  So it will be no surprise that I also support Donna Amandus for Supervisor, she'll listen to your concerns.
I hope you vote for Becky Gaylord, Donna Amandus and Rebecca Bowker!
Linda Larkin


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