Election brings out the best AND worst in America


MSNBC news personnel were scrambling, FOX news personnel were in “told you so” mode and the rest of the country, and it would be naive to not include, the world, watched with mouths agape as electoral math quickly turned from Trump needing a miracle, to Clinton needing a miracle. And it didn’t come. Donald J. Trump is the next president of the United States. Putin must have had a cigar and with his hands rubbing his torso in kind of an accomplishment posture. The Donald is now the President. Peaceful protestors took to the streets of such metropolitan areas as Oakland, Chicago, New York City and Seattle for the first time in my life, Americans protested en masse, the results of a Presidential election. A ominous sign of things to come.

Next day newscasts indicated that Clinton, allegedly, wept so hard that she could not come out and address her supporters who waited until almost 2 in the morning in a New York City ballroom for her to…lead.

Her campaign manager John Podesta came out and told the crowd to go home and that the campaign was going to keep pushing for final results and getting votes counted and he would see them in the morning.  Less than 30 minutes later, Hillary called the Donald and congratulated him on the win. Maybe the alleged details are more accurate than any of us want to imagine. She wanted to lead, but emotions kept her from leading. It took 12 hours for her to pull herself together. Granted, she delivered probably one of the best concession speeches in history and challenged all of us to respect the outcome, to open our minds to this new leader, and specifically to all women and girls watching – to continue to challenge yourself and never give up their fights….


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