Winter kiss leaves area with cancellations

Fort Madison's Terri Butler, left, can't get her overanxious granddaughter Hailey Kemper, 10, to wait and sled down the hill with her on 48th Street just off the Bluff Road intersection Sunday morning. The two were on their second trip to the junior high enjoying the season's first real snowfall. Butler tried three times to get Hailey to go down the hill with her, but there's no stopping a child with a sled.



FORT MADISON – You hear all over the place, ‘It’s the polar vortex’…’Global warming?’ and the Fort Madison area caught a glimpse of a good ol’ fashioned winter blow Friday.

Local officials watched forecasts as weather patterns predicted a wintry mix of ice, rain and snow. And what usually finds it’s way around this bluffed community hit pretty hard. Snowfall was limited to just an inch but fell on top of precipitation that was already beginning to freeze.

City workers were ahead of the mix putting down deicer on roadways and plows were out quickly to keep motorists safe, but skin-numbing wind chills and the icy conditions put most events on hold  and sent people home to hot chocolate, cookies and other pre-holiday routines.

The Fort Madison public and private schools cancelled all activities Friday night after releasing students at 1:45.  As of Saturday morning no make up dates had been set for Holy Trinity’s games with Danville nor FMHS’ games with Mt. Pleasant or the Rumble on the River which was set for Quincy on Saturday. Portions of Quincy were still without power on Sunday.

The North Lee County’s annual Holiday Food basket giveaway, which was set for Friday was rescheduled for Tuesday from 1 to 3 p.m. at the Pavillion in Riverview Park.

Amanda Preader, of Fort Madison, gets out Sunday afternoon to remove snow and ice from her home in the 1500 block of Avenue E.
James Jackson goes old school with a house broom to remove snow from his vehicle in front of his house in the 800 block of Avenue F.

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