Get it tarped or get a ticket








MONTROSE – County officials are getting fed up with the litter problem on 15th Street along the route to the landfill.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the Lee County Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Don Hunold said he’s had complaints from the amount of litter blowing into private property. Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber said his deputies are being instructed to ticket violators of tarping rules.

“I’ve spoken with one gentleman who’s been cleaning up that road for over 10 years and he’s pulled 49 full bags of litter off 15th Street. 49 bags,” Hunold said. “Folks, there are tickets coming. I’m just warning you now,” Hunold said.

“I did get a call from a person over by rodeo park disturbed by the litter. I’ve talked with Stacy and he’s hooked up with the Fort Madison police department.  Heads up folks, tarp your loads or you’re going to get a ticket and if you don’t like it you can come clean up the road. Just tarp it. Head’s up, I’m just telling you now… it’s coming.”

There are signs on 15th Street on the way to the Great River Regional Waste Authority landfill that indicate all loads are to be tarped to prevent litter from blowing out of vehicles hauling to the landfill.

Weber said he’s spoken directly with GRWWA staff and told them to remind people coming to the landfill that if the loads aren’t tarped,  tickets are going to be handed out.

“They’re going to remind people coming and going that citations are going to be citations issued,” Weber said.

A question was raised as to whether it was city, county or state jurisdiction and Weber quickly cleared up the confusion.

“Either way, they’re gettin’ a ticket,” he said.





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