Sheriff’s dept. has two potential K-9 candidates

This German Shepherd is one of two dogs being considered by the Lee County Sheriff's Department for the approved K-9 unit as part of the 2017-2018 budget. Courtesy photo.



MONTROSE – Lee County Sheriff Stacy Weber said Saturday the department has looked at two animals that it may choose for a K-9 unit.

The K-9 unit, which has been approved by the Lee County Board of Supervisors, will cost about $14,300 with all training for the dog and the designated officer. The training will take about four weeks. Both dogs are German Shepherds and are imports from Europe as part of North Iowa K-9, the company the sheriff’s department is working with on the program.

Although the county has put the cost of the K-9 unit into the budget, Weber was hoping to get the cost of the program offset by private donations. He said Saturday the department currently has about $3,000 donated for the animal.  Weber said the dog will be used as a multi-functional part of the department for security and searches. The animal will be assigned to one officer and will reside with that officer.

Any businesses or individuals wishing to donate to help offset the costs of the K-9 units are encouraged to contact the Lee County Sheriff’s Department through the Lee County K-9 Law Enforcement Support Association c/o Chris Kearns, 20 Cedar Court, Montrose Iowa 52639.

This is one of the two K-9 animals that the Lee County Sheriff’s department is looking to acquire. Courtesy photo.




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