Apparently humans have one hundred years left – give or take


Stephen Hawking has predicted that the human race has just about a hundred years left before artificial intelligence destroys us.

Well that’s just great. And I was worried about the Russians and North Koreans.

This is like, uber-selfish, but I won’t be here, my wife won’t be here, and my children won’t be here. Whether I have grandchildren is a crap shoot and not a priority with me at this point.

So my take on this is this. We should just stop making them right. Hey President Trump, isn’t there an executive order for that? I think so, but he probably sees AI workforces climbing all over steel, erecting the next skyscraper in his name or cultivating the next golf course. They’ll cost a lot up front, but no benefits are needed, no retirement…you’ll have to feed and maintain, but that’s just electricity.

But we have the insight on artificial intelligence. Ask John Connor how it worked out. For sure, Terminator was fictional, but we’re looking at the non-fiction version. Go to YouTube and search Charlie Rose and Sophia Interview. It’s a little awkward. Dave Hanson, the AI’s creator sits to Sophia’s left and looks on like a proud father. He should be…it’s amazing. The one question that Charlie Rose, one of the best interviewers on television, forgets to ask is this. How do you turn it off?

Sophia asks Charlie what his greatest personal possession is and he says his soul. Then he asks the droid where its soul is? That throws the droid into some chilling facial expressions… He knows he has it on the ropes. He pushes the droid with accusations that it can’t feel, taste, love. It reboots quickly and you can see from Hanson’s expression he has some work to do.

But he’s close enough for my taste. So I’m not sure where to go from here. Do I get fully behind the concept? I mean I think you could create a pretty mean journalist here. I could get one, send it to all these meetings and sports events and school events. Wait no..then I’d need two or three. But then I could just recall them to home base, plug their butts into the Mac and download their recordings.

They’d take pictures with their “Camera eyes” and I’d have that, too.

But then, what do they need me for? See that’s the real issue, each time we create new technology some hard-working American loses a job. It’s a complicated dichotomy because, on one hand, technology makes our lives easier. On the other hand – how easy do we need it to be, and have we already made it too easy?

I don’t know, I really am torn. We are making these things so smart they actually learn from us. What’s stopping them at some point from becoming smarter than us. At that point, isn’t it there that we become disposable?

If you’ve ever seen Iron Man 3, the infamous Tony Stark gets so deep into his suits that they start to function with autonomy. One night he wakes up to see one staring over his girlfriend and he makes a chopping motion with his hands and crumbles the droid.

I’m good with that stop mechanism.

I suppose we just approach it with the same mentality we do with nuclear war.

Hopefully, the good people will have the answers when we really need them. It’s worked so far.

But that’s Beside the Point.





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