Impacting our future – Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor
Impacting Our Future
Undertaking construction of a new school is a once in a generation event.  Its not very often when two communities come to the decision that for a better, competitive education, new infrastructure becomes essential in making that happen.  I appreciate that forward thinking and would hope that our communities would rally behind those leadership decisions.
Recognizing the limitations that older school buildings have and realizing that trying to improve on those old buildings would be money not well spent, is just plain fact and makes the decision to vote yes and contribute very simple for me.  Our school systems are wanting to invest not only in our childrens’ future, but in our communities’ futures as well. We all want our communities to thrive and be successful.
In order for that to happen our school systems must be part of that success plan. We must step up, get excited about the possibilities and do our part to ensure that it happens! 21st century education is an integral piece of the puzzle that makes the big picture so important.  It’s decisions such as these that can have such a lasting impact on the future of our communities – one that we can be proud of, and should be part of whether or not you have children in the school system..
Education is competitive just like in business.  If we fail to offer our children the latest in technology in an environment conducive to advanced learning, we are assuredly short changing our kids and educators, and as our students fall behind, our communities suffer as well.  Maintaining what we have only makes it more difficult for the next group of students and teachers to try and achieve what they can dream.
The time has come.  It’s what best for our communities.  Count me in for the Fort Madison and Holy Trinity school projects!
Brad Randolph
Fort Madison

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