FM hosts Rally4Trains event Friday

Volunteers carry signs at the Fort Madison Amtrak depot Friday night as part of awareness event on the federal government's passenger rail service budget process. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Steflik


FORT MADISON – About 40 residents showed up at the Amtrak depot in Fort Madison Friday evening for a rally to create awareness for the federal government budgeting process on passenger rail service throughout the country. Volunteers also manned voter registration booths. There is a growing concern the current Congress will reduce the budget for the Amtrak service. The Fort Madison rally was the only rally in the state on Friday.

Volunteers hold up signs as an Amtrak train rolls through Fort Madison on one the service’s stops Friday night. Photo courtesy of Cynthia Steflik.



2 thoughts on “FM hosts Rally4Trains event Friday

  1. There were not 40 people there!!! Maybe a dozen at most. One supporter was laying on the sidewalk holding a sign. Not much effort involved. And no voter registration booth either. This is truly fake news at it’s best! LOL!

    1. Wasn’t there a picture of a voter’s registration booth from the event? Also the number is from someone at the event. So if that number is wrong, and it’s a number for the whole duration of the event, not just at any one time, then that’s on me.

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