DNR weekly fishing report – Aug. 31, 2017

Courtesy of Iowa DNR

Big Hollow Lake
Black Crappie – Fair: The crappie bite has picked up some. Try in the flooded timber and down about 8 feet. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Go shallow in the early morning and late evening; as the day gets warmer flow them out to deeper water. Bluegill – Fair: Try around the jetties and the deeper sides of the island where the bluegills still have access to deeper water.

Iowa River (Columbus Junction to Mississippi River)
The river level is holding pretty constant right now. The water is fairly shallow, but small jon boats or jet boats still have enough water to navigate. Channel Catfish – Fair: Look for the deeper holes with brush piles; getting to them is the hard part.

Lake Belva Deer
The lake is in pretty good condition. Water is fairly clear with just a little duckweed floating around from the marsh up above the lake. Bluegill – Good: Bluegill fishing has picked back up. They are still out in the deeper 10- to 12-foot water, but with a few more cool nights expect to see them come in shallower. Channel Catfish – Excellent: Catfish are biting. Look for them in the upper end of the lake where the arm from the north connects to the main lake. Black Crappie – Good: Anglers are starting to catch crappies.  They are still out in the 10-foot depth range vertical jigging or slip bobbers with minnows.

Lake Darling
The water temperature is holding on to 78 degrees. There is a planktonic algae bloom, but a little wind or rain will fix that. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Use soft plastics on the shallow edge of the drop-offs.  Black Crappie – Good: The crappie fishing is picking back up. Most anglers are anchored out over the deeper habitat in 10- to 12-feet of water.  Bluegill – Fair: Bluegills are still out in the deeper water; don’t be surprised if you catch a few in shallow in the morning.

Lake Geode
Bluegill – Fair: Bluegills are starting to work the outer edges of the water willow beds close to deeper water. Largemouth Bass – Good: Work the outer edges of the water willow beds and around the fallen trees in the lake.

Lost Grove Lake
Largemouth Bass – Fair: Catch decent numbers of bass in shallower water during the early morning and late evening. They are deeper the rest of the day. Channel Catfish – Fair: Work the face of the dam and along the old creek channel below the causeway. Black Crappie – Good: Crappie fishing has improved. They are still out in the deeper water in the trees.

Skunk River (Coppock to Mississippi River)
Another little bump at the end of last week from the rains, but the Skunk has dropped back down to level before the rains. It’s a fun time to canoe down the Skunk right now. There are a lot of things to see that are normally covered up by water. Channel Catfish – Good: Use a canoe or kayak to get to the more distant holes.

For more information on the above lakes and rivers, contact the Lake Darling Fisheries Office at 319-694-2430.

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