Keokuk receiving reports of counterfeit $100s

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KEOKUK – The Keokuk Police Department has been receiving complaints from businesses about counterfeit one hundred dollar bills. The bills have foreign writing in bright pink on the front and back of the bills. In some instances suspects have covered the pink writing by smearing black ink over the writing. The Keokuk Police Department is asking area businesses and individuals to be observant when taking hundred dollar bills and inspect them accordingly.
Please direct all inquiries to Detective Whitaker with the Keokuk Police Department at 319-524-7704 or local law enforcement.
These counterfeit $100 bills have been surfacing in the Keokuk and south Lee County areas. Courtesy photo.



1 thought on “Keokuk receiving reports of counterfeit $100s

  1. Didn’t see the picture of the $100 bill, but I suspect they looked just plain suspicious! Every once in a while some ‘rocket scientist’ tries their hand at flim-flam.

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