DNR Fishing report – Nov. 2, 2017

SOUTHEAST IOWA – This is the weekly fishing report from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Environmental Discovery Park North Pond
The trout were stocked at 10:30 on Oct. 28. Anglers were catching trout before the stocking truck was even half way down the dam. Rainbow Trout – Excellent: Use power bait fished under bobbers.

Lake Belva Deer
Water temperature is down to 48 degrees. Water clarity is good at about four feet. Almost no angler activity. The road to the North boat ramp is closed while they let some new concrete cure. The South (Campground) ramp is open.

Lake Darling
Water temperature is down to 47 degrees. Water clarity is excellent at over six feet. Not much angler activity since the middle of last week. Largemouth Bass – Fair: Bass are just over the tops of the rock piles and brush piles that have 4- to 5-feet of water over them.  Black Crappie – Fair: Crappies are a little reluctant to come into shallow water; most are being caught in 8- to 10-feet of water around the habitat. Bluegill – Fair:Lots of nice bluegills are hanging out in the brush piles in 4- to 6-feet of water; some are in shallow in 1.5 feet of water.

Lake Geode
The lake is currently down about 10 feet from normal lake level and will continue to drop. Not much angler activity, but it’s fun to walk around the shoreline and look at the fish habitat that had been added over the years. Bluegill – No Report: Getting a boat in is not possible now, but there is enough rock around the shoreline that you still get down to the water.

Lake of the Hills
The fall trout release was Oct. 14. Rainbow Trout – Good: Start out fishing in 3- to 4-feet of water. Work your way around the lake concentrating on the submersed logs and stumps. Bluegill – Good: Lots of bluegills were being caught during the trout release. Most were in fairly close to shore and were hitting on bobber and worm.

Wilson Lake
Despite the weather last Saturday, there was a good crowd at the trout release and the trout were biting. Still plenty of the 1000 trout release to be caught. Rainbow Trout – Excellent: Panther martins and power bait under bobber were catching trout soon after 1 pm the start of the fishing derby.

For more information on the above lakes and rivers, contact the Lake Darling Fisheries Office at 319-694-2430.

Mississippi River Pool 19
Tailwater stage is 6.22 feet at Lock and Dam 18 above Burlington and is falling. We have not received any fishing reports for this pool this week. White Crappie – No Report: Use jigs and minnows or minnows under a bobber in the side channels and backwaters around brush piles. Sauger – No Report: We have not received any tailwater fishing information for this pool.

River stages have been falling the past few days. Main channel water temperature is 45 degrees. We have not received much tailwater fishing reports for walleye and sauger. Crappies and bluegills are being caught in the backwaters. If you have questions on fishing Pools 16-19, contact the Fairport Fish Hatchery at 563-263-5062.

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