Hall named FMCH employee of the month


Fort Madison Community Hospital recognized Karen Hall as their November Employee of the Month. Hall works as a radiology technician in the Radiology Department at FMCH. She has been with FMCH for twelve years. Hall was recognized with this nomination:
A couple weeks ago this employee was leaving for lunch, in the parking lot they encountered a gentleman stumbling into cars. They asked if the man was ok and as he came out from between the cars this employee observed he had one leg covered in blood. The patient had accidentally struck his leg with an axe and drove himself to the ER, parking over by the helicopter pad.  This employee, after seeing his injury ran back to the ER and got a wheelchair and rushed back to get the patient. After they scooped him up in the chair the patient passed out.  This employee hurried into the ER with the patient where he was cared for and then admitted. This is just one example of the care and attention this employee provides all of their patients. They are a true asset to our organization. The patient also took the time to send a testimonial through our website about this employee’s quick actions.
“I might better be known as the guy that chopped up his leg with an axe and then drove himself to the hospital, but I want everyone to know that the real miracles began after I reached the hospital. The kindest act was the lady, who saw me walking in and went back inside to get a wheel chair and wheel me inside. Beyond that point what I remember most is that a tourniquet really hurts and I am very grateful to everyone that I was around to feel it. Thanks to all.”
When asked about her favorite part of working at FMCH, Hall replied, “My radiology family has been wonderful. They welcomed me in as a new grad when I was just 20. They taught me the ropes and showed me how to be a good team player. I love how my day is never the same. We get to see all walks of life and rarely do we have a dull moment!”
Hall enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two young children when not working. She is also an avid photographer.

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