Local elementary kids showcase fall artwork

Sidney Gruntmeier and Allison Gruntmeier of Donnellson look for their work during the Fort Madison Area Artist Association's Budding Artist reception on Saturday afternoon. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC


FORT MADISON  – A Saturday reception at the Fort Madison Area Artists Association showcasing the fall artwork of local elementary students was standing room only for the first hour.

The west side of the gallery was loaded from the ceiling to the floor with classroom fall art projects of students from the Fort Madison public, Central Lee, and Holy Trinity Catholic elementary schools.

FMAAA Director Brian Riggs hung the art projects vertically with each class’ respective art works hanging from the top off all the walls in the gallery clear to the floor.

“I think this is the most we’ve ever had,” Riggs said. “I think the most before was like 450 or 500, but this year I had to find room to hang about 700 pieces. It’s just a great showing and a great representation of what’s going on in the art classes of our area schools.

The January exhibit is not judged, but when the students get into high school, FMAAA gives a month exhibit for those grade levels and those showing are judged with ribbons and prizes.

The FMAAA reserves that part of the gallery every January to show the work of the kids for the 1st semester.

“This is just a great example of what’s being taught at these grade levels and the dedication to art education by Katie Price and Amy Hellige at Fort Madison schools, Ann Canida and Jaime Jones from Central Lee, and Lois DePrima and Steve Rung at Holy Trinity Catholic,” Riggs said.

“You get to see the variances in the teachings and the skills of the kids. It’s really a neat exhibit that we get to do each year.”

Riggs said the Saturday reception, which ran from 2 to 4 p.m. and for the first hour or so it was standing room only as parents came down to the event to find their children’s school work.

Katie Koller, left,  and Madison Koller, a kindergartner at Central Lee Elementary school point to some artwork on the walls of the Fort Madison Area Artist Association at Saturday’s reception honoring the “Budding Artists”. Photo by Chuck Vandenberg/PCC

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