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Fort Madison Area Artist Association

Jerry Granaman has been a photographer since the mid-1970s in Ft. Madison. Needless to say, technology has greatly altered the components of that medium of expression. New large-scale works ON CANVAS from Jerry are on display all month of March. A reception occurs for the artist on March 9th from 5:00-7:00pm. He will offer 10% off canvas purchases during the reception. He is also gifting a work entitled “Oak Alley” as a 50/50 raffle with proceeds to benefit PAWS/FMAAA. The winner will be pulled at the Lunch-ala-Art program on March 30th at noon. Need not be present to win and tickets will be available at PAWS and FMAAA gallery. Mobile Nursing Services is the sponsor for the exhibition.

Granaman scribes his way, “I am a self-taught fine art and landscape photographer, developing my craft for over four decades. I have been published in magazines, books, and newspapers and shown in galleries in Iowa, Illinois, and Louisiana, as well as selling internationally. Although I do both, I still prefer black and white over color, currently I have been working on infra-red and long exposure photography. I am always striving to improve my art form. This gallery showing will include several new pieces not previously shown.”

Jerry was a strong photographer when the work involvement was oh so much more difficult. The days of mixing chemicals, dodging and burning, hanging film in windowless spaces are gone. Technology has even eliminated the cost of exposing bad shots on film rolls for the amateurs. Now anyone capturing a decent sunset fancies themselves a photographer. In fact, no medium has grown more in participation over the last decade at FMAAA.

However you still have to develop your eye, sense of timing, and ability to pick subject matter with attention to lighting values involved. Photoshop execution has taken over the driving to past darkroom techniques. Jerry prefers the natural shot on tripod, but has begun utilizing more computer software techniques, working with 256 Shades of Gray, which allows for subtle stimulation of the gray values.

I myself remember when the digital age of cameras transpired, all the darkroom photographers threatened to rebel and not show amongst digital photography tricks. Yet know all of them have transformed to the new way (or passed away, which unfavorably speaks to my age). The ability to mat and frame for yourself is still a needed skill for showings. However, new middleman printers on the Internet allow you to portray your finished image on canvas, wood, even metal. Jerry has went with large-scales images on canvas, which most definitely have a monumental type effect in shadowbox frames. Perfect décor for a waiting room!

Jerry continues to transform and extend his skill level on photography over decades. He has taught many photographers in Ft. Madison with classes at FMAAA. He is always willing to share knowledge with new shutterbugs. Check out ON CANVAS during FMAAA business hours Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm and open late for music lessons Wed-Thur til 7pm. FMAAA is Marching Forward this month with Expressions Art Auction occurring on March 24th at Comfort Inn & Suites at 6:30. The popular Pick-Your-Own vacation raffle is available once again by the Marshall Family. Event and raffle tickets available at FMAAA gallery, Lost Duck Brewery, and FMAAA Board Members: Angela Sodey, Teresa Dearing, Becky Carlsen, Mary Brockman, Coni Graber, Linda Marshall, Kathy McCracken, George & Mary Ann Gaudette, Gary & Anna Grinstead, Cindy Roberts, Jerry Granaman, Mio Santiago, Dorothy Kramer, Dr. Tim Benson, Pam Strunk, and Kelly Peters.

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