Letter to the Editor – New elementary is right thing for city


Let’s Do The Right Thing FM – Votes Yes On April 3

Dear Editor;
I know when people go to read this letter the comment may be that this is just a retired former teacher and former school board member wanting a new school. I am not going to give you the educational information on why we need a new school since you have heard it many times in the past two years. That information has not changed, so I will not restate it again. I am retired and living on a fixed income as many of you are. But, I know that if we are going to have new schools, roads, and many things completed in our community, it must be done with taxes. No one wants to pay more taxes, but if we want to continue to grow and prosper we need to step forward and get things done.
I read about the many questions that people pose about the new school and why it is needed. Before you vote and make a decision, I ask you to go and get answers to your questions. Ask the people of the FMCSD! Ask the school administration, teachers, principals, parents, students about your concerns with a new school. Take the time to set up a tour of Richardson and Lincoln. Check out the classroom sizes, the wiring, pipes running through the buildings, tour the boiler room, check out the warning signs, and see what is taking place through out the buildings. You may be surprised! If you want to find out about all the myths about the new Middle School, do the same and go check the school out and ask questions. Again, you may be surprised. The school district has done a fantastic job keeping the new elementaries running and safe for our students and teachers this past 100 years. You will also see many smiling and happy faces on our students and teachers working and doing a fantastic job. While you are at it, check out the student achievement scores and activities in our district and the state report cards on our district. You might be surprised on how well the district is doing with what they have to work with. What could be accomplished with new modern facilities!!!
When I talk with other groups it seems to be the consensus that new schools bring businesses and industry, and people to our community. For Fort Madison and surrounding communities to grow and prosper, this might be the kick start to get that going. It is time to think about the future of our communities and what we can do to make them better and grow. This can and will be the first step in that direction.
I ask you to think about the future and vote YES on April 3.

Timm Lamb
Retired Teacher and Former School Board Member

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