Vote Yes on April 3 – Letter to the Editor

Please vote YES for the new school on April 3rd.
This is for our future generations, that hopefully will stay and raise families, start businesses, work in our industries and help this town prosper.
To put money in 100 year old buildings is not cost effective. You still have inefficient heating and cooling. The buildings are not totally handicap accessible, are difficult to make safe, and are still 100 years old.
A new school will help bring in new families and new businesses. It will help keep students that open-enroll to other districts as well as bring our district preschoolers under one roof. A new school will also combine two elementary schools into one for better efficiency and safety.
Times are changing with all the new technology advances. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren deserve a better learning environment than what 100 year old buildings can provide. The students in our school district deserve the best education possible in a safe environment.
I encourage everyone to vote yes on April 3rd!
Marvin Denning
Ft. Madison, IA

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